6 Ways Music Can Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety in Children

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It’s not a secret that we love music. Adults can easily sing to any song they know, even while driving. And when one of our happy song’s on the radio, we sing to it, too, and we feel less stressed, right?

Music also has the same effect on children. And yes, don’t laugh because it’s true that children also feel stress. Their stress and anxiety comes from the fact that they have to deal and experience new things everyday. And these can trigger their anxiety.

So, how does music work with children who are stressed and anxious?

  1. It relaxes their muscles

Similar to adults, children also feel relaxed as they follow the tempo, harmony, and rhythm of the song. As they do this, their muscles relaxes which then relieve the tension in their body.

If you see and feel that your child is anxious, it’s best to play soft songs like soft nursery rhymes that they can easily follow. Avoid playing loud music as they may trigger them and may intensify their anxiety.

  1. It distracts the child from pain

The University of Alberta research team studied 42 children who were between three to 11. These children required intravenous therapy which is considered to be painful or discomforting.

The children were grouped into two; those who listened to music while having the treatment and those who did not listen to music. The result showed that the pain perceived by those who listened to music was less. Their stress and heart rate were also reportedly lower.  

music kid

As such, the children who listened to music during their IV treatment had fewer pain complaints. Majority of those who listened to music also felt less pain after the treatment.

  1. It reduces their anxiety

Children enrolled at music school are taught different breathing techniques. These techniques are introduced to them as cool down songs.

Children then learns to breath to the music. When faced in a stressful situation, these children can then use what they learned at school. Parents can also use this lesson especially when they see a stressful situation developing at home.

So, the next time you play a song in the car, remember to include your kid’s cool down songs.

  1. Positive self-talk and melody

Music can also encourage children and help them develop their skills. It’s a great way for our kids, especially teenagers, to believe in themselves as early as now.


Accompany this positive self-talk playlist with positive songs in-between. You can also let your kids choose the songs they want to list to.

  1. It makes them happy

Dopamine is produced by our brains when we listen to our favorite or one of our favorite songs. And that’s the same with children, too.

Dopamine is the feel-good hormone that makes us feel good and positive. And that’s why playing their favorite song can also make them happy.

  1. Help in anger management

Yes, they’re still kids but they can be angry, too. So, it’s important to introduce them to music as early as possible. Be attuned to their favorite song and use it to help them manage their anger later on.

How does music affect your child? Please share it with us in the comments section below!

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