6 Simple Tips to Create Your Kid’s Dream Library

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Our best childhood is acquainted with some of the best stories during these years. From reading books, hearing stories from our parents, or being read a bedtime story, we all that favorite story that we always go back to. And yes, some of these memories were made while reading books.

It’s not a secret that books bring us to a different world. It’s an eyeopener. So, give your children the freedom to explore different worlds in their library, here’s how.

Ask your child

Don’t push your child to read books that don’t interest them. Curate books and titles that they love instead of the books that you loved as a child. Bring them to bookstores and public libraries so that you’ll have an idea on what they love reading.

But also guide them well. Help them choose the books which are within their level. Remember that not all children’s book is appropriate for them, especially when we consider the reading readiness of the child.

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Let them explore

If they’ve chosen their preferences, then don’t limit their materials to these. Introduce your child to non-fiction books, too. Does your child love animals, geography, or the vehicles? Buy them non-fiction books that deal with these topics. Include an encyclopedia or other non-fiction books relating to the topic.

Use other media

Though your primary goal is to create a library, it’ll also be great to have other media sources in their library like videos or online books. Buy DVDs about their interests which you can watch during your movie time over the weekend. Let them watch classic children’s stories in multimedia, too. Remember that visual learning is also an important aspect of your child’s learning process.

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Give them space

Now that you have the curated the right books and sources, it’s time to find their spot. Make sure that their library is well-lit for lesser or no eye strain when reading. Also, provide them the most comfortable chair which helps with their posture, too.

Decorate their space

A library doesn’t have to be all white and no color at all. You can add a colored chair if you like. Also, make sure that the shelves are within their reach. Do not use shelves and furniture that aren’t kid-friendly.

You can also add a daybed in their library. It’s a great way to tell your children that they can take a rest or nap if they’re tired of reading. Add a table in their space, too. In this way, they can also do some homework and study there, too.

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Add toys

Learning also means playing. So, make sure that their space invites both learning and fun. Try adding books that also has accompanying toys and other activities to make learning and reading more fun.

Of course, it’s not a crime if you add some of your favorite childhood books in your kid’s library. Read it while they’re reading their favorites, too. Or, better yet, read aloud to your kid(s) and bond with them while reading to them.

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