The Best [And Most Practical] Gifts You Can Give Your Kids’ Teachers this World Teacher’s Day

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And no, this list doesn’t include that “You’re the Best Teacher” Mug!

I’ve never been keen on giving mugs to my kids’ teachers as gifts. And upon discovering this teacher’s funny cartoon strips, I’m glad I didn’t go that way.

Anyway, October 5 is celebrated as the World Teacher’s Day. It’s the perfect time to let the teachers of your high-spirited bunch know you appreciate their efforts taking them in for 7 to 8 hours a day [admit it, you won’t last that long with your kids!] Monday to Friday and teaching them – above all things – along with other kids [I can’t stand mine that long, how much more with other equally very active children!]. So, what are the best gifts to say “Thank you” to your children’s educators and mentors?


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And better if they’re not store-bought but something you or your kid [with your help] made. I taught preschool some years back. One October, I received cards from two of my pupils – one being a special needs girl – and I loved them. I loved how they were DIYed and with all their lopsided-ness [the pictures were all askew], I loved the effort I believed the kids and their parents put in on each. I especially loved the handwritten messages in each card.

I know cards get lost and, since I’m not really the sentimental type, I tend to throw them away when my paper files get too high. However, the memory that this certain child gave me hand-made card as a way of thanking me for my teaching efforts will always stay with me. The memory I had with those two I received certainly did and even kept me going in my dark teaching days [the days when I just get so frustrated and my confidence’s at its lowest].

Special Tip: If your kid has a picture with that teacher you are making the card for, you can include that.

Homemade Baked Goodies

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If you’re good at baking, then, why not bake cookies, cupcakes, those killer brownies or just about anything sweet and gooey for your kids’ teachers? This is especially practical if your children are in higher grade levels already and have multiple teachers.

Instead of worrying what to give each one of them based on their individual tastes, you can bake a batch of anything up and put them inside those pretty cupcake boxes you see in stores. You can add DIY tags on the boxes with your kids’ handwritten thank-you notes or print individualized tags for each. This allows you to save up on money. Besides, everybody loves baked goodies especially if they’re homemade!

One important reminder, though: be aware of teachers who have allergies to any of the ingredients you put in whatever you bake like nuts and dairy.

Things that can be used in the Classroom/Teaching

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Every teacher needs an endless stream of school supply it seems. So, you’re never going to go wrong if you choose to give your kids’ teachers some come Teacher’s Day. These are the kinds of things that teachers will really use and won’t just sit around the corner forgotten, adding to the junk file [like mugs or plastic flowers most of the times are]. Ball pens [the red variety specifically] top the list of the best school things you can gift them. Just insert a little creativity to add personal touches to your practical gifts and they’re good to go!

Aside from school supplies, hygiene and health-related products like simple first aid kits, hand soaps or sanitizers also get the green light.

Potted Plants

If you know your kid’s teacher is somewhat of a green thumb, the perfect thank you gift you can give him/her is a potted plant. It could be a succulent to add to his/her collection or one flowery to add beauty and color to the classroom.

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Whatever gifts you get your kids’ teachers, remember that you’re giving them in the spirit of appreciation for their patience and efforts in teaching your kids. And to every teacher around the world, have a blast this World Teacher’s Day!

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