What Is It With Cats And Cardboard Boxes?

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“If I fit, I sit,” is the most common line on the Internet that’s associated with cats. And so, we ask, why? Because videos and photos of cats in boxes, both large and small, has gone either viral or has become a favorite.

So, the ultimate question now is, why do cats love to chill in boxes? Here are some of the scientific explanations to these feline’s uncommon hobby.

It’s really not a hobby, let’s call it instincts. They see the box as a safe place to hide both from preys and their hunters. The box is a haven for them to feel invisible from predators. Also, considering that they’re feline and wild counterparts are lions and tigers, they believe that they can hide from their preys and take them by surprise while inside the box.

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It could also be that your cat is stressed. Hiding inside a box, being comfortable in it, can also be a sign that your cat wants to escape a stressor in the environment. So, the next time your cat jumps into a box, consider what could have been stressing him or her out.

Corrugated cardboard is one of the favorite boxes of cats because it serves two purposes; it’s great bed and great for scratching. The cardboard texture is great to feel under their claws. So, if you’re still saving up for a scratching post, use the corrugated cardboard as a temporary scratching material for your cat. It doesn’t hurt to save and make your cat happy, right?

Did you know that a cat sleeps for at least 18 hours every day? And that’s one of the reasons why they love tucking themselves in boxes. For them, it’s a dark and cozy place to extend to take a nap and avoiding human contact because that’s just what they do.


Boxes also serve as their haven from their troubles because, you know, they’re cats and have troubles, too. Studies show that the anti-social behavior of cats comes from their characteristic to run away from stress and problems. However, the downside of this explanation is that your cat can be maladjusted to his or her environment. And just like humans, hiding isn’t the best solution to any problem.

Cats also prefer to cozy up in boxes and other uncommon places because they’re cold. Remember that they do not love too cold or too warm weathers. So, cat’s love boxes because it’s an excellent insulator, especially corrugated cardboard. The next time your cat snuggles up inside a box, you better check your air conditioning if it’s too high or too low.

After learning the reasons why cat love boxes, the reasons are both alarming and comforting. First, boxes are a cheap way to cozy your cat’s nap. But, making it their favorite can also mean that they’re stressed with their environment. Nonetheless, regardless of their reasons, remember to always look after them, if they’re too cold or there’s something new in the environment that can cause stress. But, of course, don’t deprive them of their box thrones, okay?

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