4 Non-Maternity Clothes You Can Wear With Your Growing Baby Bump!

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An incoming baby sure brings a lot of excitement and happiness to a family. However, money-wise, pregnancy and preparing for the baby’s arrival mean another notch added to your finance list. And expecting mothers not only need to contend with these but with the fact that their bodies are changing and their bellies are growing to accommodate the equally growing baby inside.

Some soon-to-be mothers may feel they need to get a whole wardrobe makeover when they get pregnant. However, aside from a few maternity clothing pieces that I feel are an essential addition to a pregnant woman’s closet [maternity jeans, personally, are a must but one or two pairs would be fine], one can go through the pregnancy without having have to go maternity clothes shopping.

While there are maternity clothes that can be worn beyond their intended time, the hard truth is most are just intended as that — for pregnant women. And it seems a waste of money to splurge on clothes that can only be worn for a few times [though there’s still a great possibility you can wear them again come your next pregnancy].

In this line, here are 4 non-maternity clothes you can use to your advantage even when you’re about to get very heavy with a baby [or babies!]. If you have these pieces in your closet, you’ll most likely not go “Maternity Section” shopping ever!

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are a pregnant woman’s best friend, case closed.

Fashion Tips

Shapeless Maxi Dresses – A shapeless maxi dress that worked for you during your pre-pregnancy days may not look so flattering anymore with your bulging belly. But you can sake this dilemma by simply putting a belt and letting it sit in between your belly and your breasts. This creates the illusion of a waist, thus, giving your form shape.

Stretchy/Bodycon Dresses – Your growing belly doesn’t mean you need to steer away from wearing bodycon dresses. As a matter of fact, being pregnant is one of the times when you can rock that hug-all-your-curves look without having have to feel self-conscious.

pregnant bodycon dress

Other dresses that work best on a pregnant figure aside from the shapeless and stretchy ones are empire-waisted dresses, wrap dresses and those with elastic waistbands.

Maxi/ Midi Skirts

The area between your breasts and growing baby bump remains almost the same size as it was pre-pregnancy so, when wearing a maxi or midi skirt, just move it higher to that area.

Fashion Tips

Pair it with a top tucked in for a high-waisted look or tie your top’s hem for a slimmer Bohemian silhouette.

Pregnant Yet Fashionable!


Leggings are the expecting mother’s to-go-to piece when the growing belly makes short dresses rise up on the front, thus, rendering them too short to wear on their own.

Fashion Tips

Aside from short dresses, you can wear long tops with them or layer up a tank top with a kimono or a blazer for a more dressy feel.

Leggings topped with an oversized shirt works, too! It’s edgy yet gives enough air room for your baby bump.

pregnant fashion

Palazzo Pants

A pair of palazzo pants is another versatile piece you can wear pregnant or not provided the pair you get has an elastic waistband to accommodate your growing belly.

Fashion Tips

The good thing about this piece of clothing is that you can wear it with most tops!

Things to Remember!

  • Give your belly room. While bodycon dresses get the thumbs up even when you’re pregnant, refrain from wearing too fitted ones.
  • It’s good to be a chic mom-to-be but when you’re pregnant, NEVER compromise your comfort for fashion. While it’s good that you aim to look good even when you’re pregnant, being comfortable should be at the top of your list now that you have a growing baby inside your belly.
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