10 Creative Ways To Use Bubble Wrap

bubble wrap
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Are there any excess bubble wrap in your house or apartment? Then don’t just think of it for packing or transit. You can use it for the following purposes:

Purse Shaper

Get your bags and purses in right shape and form while in storage by filling it with bubble wrap inside. Make sure to do this every time you store your bags. Avoid sagging by always keeping it upright.

Save on Energy

Keep your home warm during winter and keep your energy bill down, too, with bubble wrap. But how? Start by damping your window. Then spread the bubble wrap. Make sure that the flat side is facing you.

Car Windshield

And yes, you can also use it on your car windows, but not only as an insulator. Spread the bubble wrap on the windshield before a winter storm. This will make it easier for your to remove the snow.

Plant Protection

Protect your plants from the winter cold. Wrap a bubble wrap on the pot then secure it by tying a string on it. the it’ll keep the soil warm enough for the plant to last winter.

bubble wrap plant

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Protect Hands from Blister

Do you plan to do some spring cleaning? Then protect your hands from the constant sweeping and mopping. To do this, wrap the top of the handle with bubble wrap. Secure it with a string or a rubber band and you’re good to go.

Shopping and Traveling

Bring your extra bubble wrap with you when going to a thrift-hunting. Protect that vase or other breakable objects by while on transit. Bring it on your weekend getaway, too. Protect your souvenirs. Prevent it from breaking inside your luggage by wrapping it with your handy bubble wrap.

Cushion Fruits and Vegetables

It’s also a great way to cushion delicate product. Do this by ling the bubble wrap on your fruit bowl. You can also line it inside your crisper for fresher fruits. Do it to prevent any early damage to save it from the bin.

Keep your Food Cold

Wrap your ice cream or perishable goods in bubble wrap to keep it fresh. Either you’re traveling from the grocery or to a Thanksgiving dinner, wrap your food’s container in bubble wrap to keep it insulated. You can also insulate your drinks with it. To do this, line your cup holder with the bubble wrap to insulate your coffee, tea, and even a cold drink (like wine).

bubble wrap wine

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Cushion Shoes

Roll up a bubble wrap and insert it inside your shoes to maintain shape. Always remember to do this when you’re storing your shoes to avoid damage. You can even keep your boots shape with it. Roll up the right length for your boots and insert the bubble wrap to keep it upright, just like your bags.

Protect Furniture

If you’re planning to go on a long vacation, then better protect your furniture with bubble wrap. It will protect furniture and even appliances from dust while you’re away.

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