The SaddleBaby promises to help parents give better piggyback rides

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The latest baby gear to hit the Internet in a big way is this genius invention for…better piggyback rides?

The SaddleBaby makes it easier and more comfortable for child and parent when sitting on one’s shoulders. The buzz about this baby backpack must be real, because the multi-use model (starting at $119) is currently out of stock until July.

This fully functional modular backpack and child carrier allows hands-free shoulder sitting for your two-to-five year-old with removable ankle cuffs and what the website claims as an “ergonomic foam saddle.” In addition, the backpack holds parenting essentials (band-aids, extra snacks, adult beverages haha).

Although the fully-loaded version is sold out, the “uni” kit which attaches to the individual’s own backpack, costs $59 and is available here. Uni’s upgraded gadget, the Saddlebaby “original” costs $89 and is also available on the product page.

What do you think, Fam Frenzy friends?
Is this worth the splurge and shoulder pain? Or one pricey piggyback ride?

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