How To Make DIY Balloon Bowls For Easter Decorations!

diy raffia bowl
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I love Do-It-Yourself crafts! It’s easy, economical, and fun to do. So if you are like me who wants to make use of your free time being creative, then you will absolutely love this idea. Today, we are going to make unique and fantastic bowls at home for a great decoration especially since Easter is coming fast.

These DIY bowls are very stress-free for implementation, inexpensive, and won’t actually take much of your valuable time. You can have many designs to choose from to create a bowl. Enhance your creativity or you can copy these 3 designs below for a start-up.


Confetti Balloon Bowl

Materials needed are:



Glue/ wallpaper paste

Paint brush

Pie pan or other round container

confetti balloon bowls

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  1. Inflate the balloon and tie it.
  2. Place it in a container so that it is sturdier to work with.
  3. Put glue on the balloon and spread it using a brush. Utilize the half portion of the balloon- the one opposite the knot.
  4. Sprinkle the confetti all over. You can remove the balloon from the container and hold it to add the confetti on the sides properly. Make sure to cover the balloon liberally with confetti.
  5. Allow the balloon to dry. Once it dried up, add another layer of glue using a paint brush and sprinkle with more confetti. Let it dry.
  6. Pop the balloon. Now you will have a bowl shape with rough edges. You can have it that way or you can trim the edges of the bowl using scissors.

Yarn Bowl

Materials needed are:

2 bowls

Plastic wrap






DIY Yarn bowl

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  1. Pick a bowl to be used as your mold. This will determine the shape of your yarn bowl.
  2. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap- just stick the bowl in the wrap and tuck the ends inside when you place the bowl upside down on your working table.
  3. Cover your working table with newspaper as this can be a bit messy.
  4. Pour some glue in another bowl and add a little water just to dilute it. Mix the water and glue.
  5. Get your ball of yarn and unravel.
  6. Dip it in the glue. Pinch the yarn in between fingers and slide them along it to squeeze off the excess glue.
  7. Wind the yarn back and forth, over and around the outside of the bowl mold (the one covered with plastic wrap). Continue until the bowl is covered the way you want it and then cut the yarn.
  8. Allow the yarn to dry. When the yarn is dry, remove the bowl from under the plastic.
  9. Gently peel the plastic off the yarn bowl and there goes your finish product.

Raffia Bowl

Materials needed:


1 package of sisal rope

Glue sticks

Glue gun


diy raffia bowl

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  1. From the bowl bottom, glue down sisal rope while continuously wrapping around the outside of the bowl. Press firmly and securely. Do continue wrapping until the rim of the bowl.
  2. Cut the end of rope and glue down securely.
  3. Make a coil by wrapping rope around itself about the size of the bottom of your bowl. Glue coil together as you go.
  4. Using the rope at the end of your coil, glue in a wrapping formation working your way up to the inside of your bowl until you’ve reach the top rim. Cut off the end and glue down securely.
  5. Tip: you can use other types and colors of rope, maybe a fun neon stripe.

Do you like DIYs? Have you created balloon bowls before?

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