10 Fun 1st Birthday Party Ideas

kids birthday party
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Are you planning your child’s first birthday? Here are some of the tips, tricks, and party ideas that are stress-free, creative, and fun. Don’t worry, we got your party inspo covered. From indoors to outdoors, to indoor-ish ideas, we’ve compiled it for you.

  1. Automobile Party

Does your kid love trains, cars, or planes? If yes, then set an automobile party complete with tickets as invitations. Design your space with DIY cardboard car or airplanes. And of course, don’t forget to the get the the themed party hats.

  1. Storybook Themed Party

Many moms and dads love to read to their kids, even if they weren’t still born yet. So, if you’re one of these parents, then pick that storybook and use at as a theme. It’ll even be more special as you tell your kid why it was the theme of their first birthday.

  1. Animal-themed party

Of course, our favorite animals can also help us plan out. If you have a pet do that loves your kid too, then why not have a puppy-themed party. Or you can also go big with the animals from the wild like giraffes, zebras, lion, and the like.

animal themed party

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  1. Disney

I’ve always dreamt of having a Disney-themed party as a child. So, make your child’s first birthday party memorable with Mickey and friends or with the Disney princesses. Prepare Disney masks or Disney party hats to add more Disney-like feel during the party.

  1. Bring The Twinkle Inside

How about a stellar birthday party with your little star? Focus on the color gold and silver and bring the universe inside your home. Or just use the Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star song as part of your theme.

  1. Hello Kitty

And yes who would ever forget about the most famous cat, Hello Kitty? If your child really loves Hello Kitty, then use it as a theme to your child’s first birthday. Mix the colors up with pin, red, and blue and you’re good to go.

hello kitty themed party

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  1. Princess Theme

Disney princess theme is one thing, a princess theme is another. Make your child feel extra special with a princess-themed birthday party. Focus on pink, white, and gold colors to the party more baby royal ready.

  1. Get Your Geek On

Are you a fan of Star wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Mario Kart, and more? Then get your child’s geek side on with these fun themes. You’ll definitely enjoy planning their first birthday party more with these themes in mind.

  1. Rainbow Magic

Yes, you guessed it right; unicorns. Who doesn’t love these magical creatures, right? Put a little magic on your child’s first birthday with a colorful unicorn-themed party and even birthday cake! Add a unicorn head on your wall or a unicorn pinata as part of the games.

unicorn party ideas

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  1. Party in Narnia

Bring the your child and your guests to a magical place. Transform your backyard into Narnia with lion masks and other characters from the film. Dress up your kid as one of the heroes from Narnia, too.

There you have it, ten wonderful party ideas! Have you tried any of these themes? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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