10 Unique Party Favors That Kids Will Enjoy

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Traditional party favors out; unique party favors in; think beyond candies and chocolates. Still, don’t have an idea? Then here’s our top unique favors everyone will surely love!

1. Set of temporary kids’ tattoos

Temporary colored tattoos are something that the children will love. Choose temporary tattoo designs that compliment the party’s theme, and it’ll be a sure hit. You can even create your design and send it to a local store that can convert your design to temporary tattoos.

temporary kids tattoo

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2. Matching pajamas

Yes, this can be a bit expensive. But if your kid wants to have a sleepover party with just a few friends, let’s say 5, then give them the time of their lives. Instead of buying goodie bags, buy them matching pajamas and make it one of the best nights to remember.

3. Pillowcase

An alternative sleepover party favor is pillowcase. It’s a great party favor, especially if you let them draw on their pillowcases. Let your kid’s party be artsy with his or her friends. If you think this can be too messy, then buy pillowcases with your child’s favorite superhero or animal printed on it.

4. Cute socks

Let the kids remember this day every time they wear their quirky socks from your child’s party. You can even let your child choose the design, colors, and print on the socks to add more of his or her personality on the party favors.


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5. Glitter Slime

One of the most popular for both kids and adults, glitter slime, is a unique party favor you can make with your kid. Just buy Elmer’s glue, water, and borax. Make them in different colors and pack in small jars.

6. Sunglasses

Sunglasses with quirky and crazy designs is also a unique gift for children. You can buy some or make your own. Just use cardboard, glue, paint, and a little creativity and inspiration. Use this for photo ops and brighten every photo and video on your kid’s birthday.

7. Masks

If you think that sunglasses are too much, you can also buy or make your masks. Well, we’d probably suggest buying masks that compliment the party, you can even give them to the kids in advance and let them enjoy it with their friends. Take memorable and fun photos with superhero or animals masks.


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8. Art materials

Inspire the kids more with art materials. Make a goodie bag of crayons, watercolors, colored pens, and paper. You can even add a few origami paper cutouts to make it even artsier.

9. Bubbles

Who doesn’t love bubbles? The best part is you can make your own or buy bubbles in clear containers and paint on your own. This is great especially if the party’s outdoor.

10. Capes

Custom capes will surely be a hit with the kids. It’s one of the favorite parties favors especially if you’re having a craft time at the party.


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These are just some of the party favors that you can even make or choose with your kids. Yes, help them choose the party favors because, well, it’s their birthday, right? Make moms and dads, don’t forget to include the kids in planning for their special day especially if they have a party favor in mind.

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