15 Easy DIY Storage Solutions Every Mom Should Know

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A small space can both be a gift and an issue for homeowners. Small homes are a delight especially for minimalists. However, storage can also be an issue in this type of  places.

So, what to do if you don’t have enough space? You learn to maximize. Here are some easy DIY storage solutions for both small and big spaces!


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  1. Plastic organizers

These are our go-to storage solutions. However, don’t just focus on the bins because there are also drawers and baskets that you can choose from.

  1. Rolling storage

Use the empty spaces under your bed or couch with more than just plastic organizers. Add style on your storage with industrial rolling storage.

  1. Canvas basket

Another versatile storage idea are medium to large canvas baskets. You can even pick a design that compliments your home decor. You can store blankets, scarves, and other soft items here.

  1. Crate lined with fabric

Are you looking for a versatile storage solution that can be used by kids and adults? Then find crates with lined fabric for toy storage or anything in-between.

  1. Mirror storage

Add some storage spaces on your mirror for keys and small items. With less than $10 and some imagination, you can easily transform your mirror.

  1. Tin can organizers

Upcycle some tin cans and use it as table organizer either at home, in the kitchen or even at the office! Design and paint them and you’re good to go!


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  1. Hang some bins

Another great way to add storage in your workplace or home office are bins. Upcycle empty plastic medium to large size bottles and containers for additional storage. You can even add it in your kitchen or tool shed.

  1. Wipe canisters

Don’t throw away that empty wipe canisters just yet. You can use it to store poo bags for your dogs. Or as a plastic bag storage because we have to recycle every plastic bag we use.

  1. Tea boxes

Upcycle those tea boxes and declutter mess on your table. Paint your tea box and cover the insides and, voila, you now have a pen paper clip holder!

  1. File box

Yes, file boxes are great storage solutions for papers at the office. However, you can also use this as storage for your bathroom appliances.

  1. Glass vase

And yes, we didn’t forget about those makeup brushes. You can use a glass vase and make use of fillers, such as beads, to make sure that brushes are in an upright position. Stylish!

makeup brush

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  1. Lipstick holder

And nope, we didn’t forget the lipsticks. DIY lipstick holder with copper tubes and wood plugs is a great storage solution to keep your lippies organized.

  1. Spice jar with a twist

Let your spice jars hang at the kitchen by adding wires on the handle. Line some nails on your wall with the appropriate distance for a cool spice jars storage.

  1. Shoe rack

Make your own shoe rack with PVC pipes. Make sure to get the right dimensions that can hold your shoes. Cut the pipes accordingly, and then glue them together to create a shelf-like shoe storage.

shoe rack

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  1. Peg boards

Peg boards offer a wide variety of DIY storage. You can use it in the kitchen, garage, and even in your nursery. Seriously, sky’s the limits!

Do you have any storage ideas? Please share it in the comments below! Would love to hear them.

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