7 Awesome Yet Cheap Party Favor Ideas For School Parties

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No party is ever complete without party favors nowadays. People, especially kids, love how they can bring a little something to remember the event they went to. Party favors can make any event a blast — even school parties! And who says they need to be expensive?

With right planning, teachers can make any school affair memorably fun with these 7 awesome party favor ideas. What’s more, you don’t need to dish a lot of money for them!

mini chalkboards

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Mini Chalkboards

Small write-on chalkboards make every kid’s fantasy of becoming a teacher come true.

Where to get?  Many stores like Target and Walmart as well as craft shops like Hobby Lobby carry mini chalkboards and boxes of chalks by bulk or per piece. You can also buy by bulk online. Buying in bulk allows you to save more dollars.

What to do? Bundle up one mini chalkboard with a few differently-colored chalks with a twine or a colorful piece of ribbon. You can also personalize by putting on students’ names on each bundle.

Ideal for: Back to School programs, Teacher Appreciation events and Career Advocacy Day/Week

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Bundled Art Supplies

School kids are the most artsy and creative individuals we’ll meet. Just check their notebooks and you’ll be shocked to find just how many doodles they can make in an hour of what they’ll classify as a “boring” class. Most assuredly, preparing an art supply bundle for them as a parting gift after an event will be greatly welcomed!

Where to get? Getting cheap art supplies is not a problem as most major stores carry various brands of pencils, crayons and sketch pads. You’ll just to choose the ones that fit your budget.

What to do? Like your school kids, be creative as the ideas for the bundles are limitless! You can do a watercolor bundle with sketchpad and a box of watercolors or go for a crayons-coloring book pairing for smaller kids. Use recycled boxes to pack the bundles up and you’re not only saving money, you’re saving the environment as well.

Ideal for: Any art appreciation events or celebrations as well as Back to School programs

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Simple Toys/Things for Sidewalk Fun

Let kids and kids at heart be kids by giving them simple toys/things they can use for some sidewalk activities as party favors. Jump ropes, Frisbees, buckets of sidewalk chalk . . . these things spell endless sidewalk fun!

Where to get? Major stores, craft shops and sports hubs are the places to go. Jump ropes, Frisbees and sidewalk chalks are common and cheap so they won’t be difficult to find and hard on the wallet.

What to do? Personalize Frisbees by spraying chalk spray paint on the top of the disc and writing out each name of the recipients. You can do the same with the jump ropes. Bundle up sidewalk chalks and label per recipient.

Ideal for: Any outdoorsy events, welcoming the summer and end of school programs.

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Themed Story Books

Themed story books are great takeaways as they’re most likely to be cherished especially by those who love getting books as gifts. The stories can be read over and over again, too. Classic children’s story books, the Mr. Men Little Miss series of books, contemporary children/kids stories . . . the choices are endless and will fit a vast number of themes you can think about for any school event or party.

Where to get? Bookstores carry a lot of children story books so you can get your supply from them. You can also contact the publishers for bulk orders and will, most likely, get a discount. But if you’re a little low on budget, you can visit stores that sell secondhand books and gather stories that fit your theme [example, if you’re planning to have an animal-centered theme, you can choose stories about animals, have animal characters or those that cater to taking care of pets/animals]. The latter requires a little work and time, though.

What to do? You can hand out the books as they are or personalize them by individually naming them with a little message to the recipients.

Ideal for: Book Celebration programs, Reading at Home events and Literature Celebration events.

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Kids of every ages love toys so giving out toys as end-of-the-party favors will surely be a blast.

Where to get? Major department stores carry a wide variety of toys you can choose from that will fit in the particular event that’s in your mind. If budget’s tight, visit garage sales and thrift stores and you’ll equally find vast choices in these places.

What to do? Stuffed animal toys are the most ideal when it comes to being great party favors. You can set up the stuffed toys in a crate and put an “Adopt and Animal” label on the crate. Encourage kids, then, to pick out the one they’ll like to “adopt and take care of”.

Ideal for: Science-related events or any animal-related programs and celebrations.

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Goodie Bags filled with Food

You could never go wrong with a goodie food bag.

Where to get? You can get a variety of candies and munchies from any department store within your locality.

What to do? Cupcakes are the usual fare when it comes to food as party favors. If you want to do something different, you can make your own trail mix of nuts, cooked popcorns and candies or just throw in a bunch of assorted candies and chocolates inside the bags.

Ideal for: Trail mixes are perfect for camping events. Generally, goodie food bags fit in just about any school activities and events.

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There’s just something magical about bubbles that just draw children of every age [as well as the kids at heart]. What child doesn’t go crazy over bubble blowing? The best part is, this is the least expensive of all the party favors mentioned in this post and fits just about any event and celebration.

Where to get? You can get them from department stores or bulk order online. You can even DIY this one!

What to do? Costumize your bubbly party favors by printing on tags or personalize by making your own bubble wands.

Ideal for: Any school party, event or activity. And they’re super fun!

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