The 3 funniest parents of Instagram

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Parenting is serious business and similar to what we feel prison guards must go through on the regular…cleaning up body fluids, breaking up spats, and trying to help serve food that’s somewhat edible. It’s messy but somebody has to do it!

These three Instagram handles take parenting to a hilariously relatable level…and for that we thank, and regram, them. Anyone we missed on the list? Tweet to let us know @famfrenzy!


IMG_3134 IMG_3135

With over 10,000 followers and a Webby award under its belt, ItsMomtastic is a hilarious visual tribute to “what it’s really like to be a mom.”


IMG_3140 IMG_3141

This Instagram page features the problems of, you guessed it, other average parents in a refreshing fashion with witty captions and takeaways. It’s followed by over 291,000 people.


IMG_3142 IMG_3143

Asshole parents takes a dark, twisted turn into the wonderful world of parenting…and we couldn’t love it more. With over HALF A MILLION followers on Instagram, this is one handle you need to follow!


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