15 Superfoods That Your Kids Will Love

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It’s not a secret that kids love the taste of cupcakes, chips, and other food that aren’t nutritious. They love pizza, pasta, cookies, and the like. So, as much as possible, avoid feeding kids with this type of food and switch them to superfoods.

And yes, don’t worry, these are also the food that they might actually eat and love, later on. Here’s the list for your next grocery.


It’s a super protein food that contains vitamin D which helps the your child absorbs calcium. So, it’s best to serve eggs for breakfast as it keeps kids full longer.


Instead of serving juice or other sweet drinks, choose to give them milk. It’s a great way to fuel your kid’s brain and body.


Add a little bit more sweet with cocoa. You can sprinkle it on top of pancakes or waffles. Look for a cocoa that’s not processed with alkali and uses at least 70% of pure cocoa.

Low-Fat Greek Yogurt

Yogurt is a great source of healthy bacteria which helps children, and even adults, with their digestion. Add flavor by adding honey or maple syrup.



Blueberries or watermelon to quench thirst. These are also great antioxidants which protects the heart and improves brain function. Serve it for breakfast or, instead of a cookie, serve fruits as dessert.


Nuts and even peanut butter is one of the staple superfoods that kids will enjoy. It has protein, healthy fats, and B vitamins which you can whip in a sandwich or add as flavor to a smoothy.


It’s a great source for lean protein and is even said to be anti-cancer. It’s best for kids, especially young girls to help them protect their tissues, especially breast tissues.


Use oats instead of colored cereal for breakfast. Give your kids long-lasting energy, plus the iron, protein, and fiber they need to get them energized.


Kids would love this sprinkled on their pancakes or oatmeal. Another trick is to add a dash on air-popped popcorn. The superfood is said to be packed with spice to regulate blood sugar.



If you really love pasta, then it’s best to make a sauce out of fresh tomato. Make a pizza at home with fresh tomatoes, too as it has lycopene which is one of the best cancer protection.


Does your kids love green leafy vegetables? If the answer’s yes, then you’re very lucky. Serve cabbage and broccoli for lunch or dinner to help them get out harmful toxins in their body.

Black Beans

Another great source of protein, calcium, and fiber which is a great superfood for the kids. It also helps guard cholesterol and heart disease which is also great for adults.

Orange Vegetables

Do your kids love color on their food? If yes, then orange vegetables are your best friends. Packed with vitamin A, C, lycopene, and potassium which your little ones need.


Ensure that your kids have a healthy heart with salmon. It contains healthy omega-3 fats which is also best for developing brains.



Mix basil on your pasta or cover chicken with it as it’s packed with vitamins C, K, and A.

What’s your kid’s favorite superfood? Share your thoughts below!

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