All the back to school memes you can handle

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We look forward to this day ALL YEAR LONG. It’s not Christmas, it’s not our child’s special day of birth…it’s the first freaking day of school. We made it through summer, whether it was schlepping kids back and forth to childcare, grandparents’ houses, camps, or turning our workplaces into playgrounds…somehow we got through it and now it’s time to celebrate! What better way to enjoy back to school season than with some memes? Enjoy!


That and Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving dish towels and Christmas decorations all in the same aisle.


How all of us are feeling right now…don’t lie.


Mommy, why is Chardonnay on my school shopping list?



Comic Sans is the “I’m goofy and relatable” font in the family. Don’t trust it.


Why do teachers only make what they make, again?


Because who doesn’t want to leave an 8-hour day then continue to get carpal tunnel working from home until all hours of the night on paperwork?


Moms and Dads, this is why they created Photoshop.


So funny, yet so true! If you think school is tough…google #adulting.

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