Dad handmade Disney costumes for daughter and wow!

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For the pretty princess in all of this, read on and prepare to “ohhh”, “awww”, and most likely question if you can fit into a toddler size custom-made recreation of Belle’s royal ball gown.

Nephi Garcia, or @designerdaddy_ on Instagram, was a high-end fashion designer for years but after having children, he realized haute couture could be kid-sized. Enter his adorable daughter, Lili.


Then six at the time, Lili wanted a dress of her own to don at the happiest place on earth ahem…Disney World! After hand-making her high-style ensemble, Garcia received 10 order requests while visiting the theme park. From there, it exploded.

He now makes handmade Disney costumes and custom gowns for children and adults, starting at $500- yes that’s $500- and going upwards of $2,000. The elaborate and talented dad of three uses high-end fabrics and takes pride in his work (as well as four to six hours per costume for a child).


To see more of Garcia’s work or to order one for yourself- err, I mean your doting daughter or stylish son- check out his designs on Instagram here.

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