These “one size” leggings are selling out this Christmas, here’s why

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Leggings started off as a trend several years ago, but have stayed and become a staple to the modern woman’s wardrobe. While some pair have gone wayward for being see-through (*cough* Lulu Lemon *cough*), there is a company who has amassed a cult-like following for its soft, stretchy and sometimes brightly patterned pants…LuLaRoe. And they’re selling so quickly it seems even Santa has gotten in on the limited edition leggings and prints.

If you haven’t heard of the fashionable frenzy that’s popping up all over Facebook feeds or ever been invited to a pop-up party, LuLaRoe is a company that is loved by millions of moms, single adults, tweens and well, women of basically all shapes and sizes due to so called “buttery” fabric blends of spandex and polyester. These leggings match any and every top you can think of while also managing to stand out on their own in patterns from basic to in-your-face awesome!


Look now at the latest LuLaRoe collections here!

But why buy these bottoms as opposed to all others on the market? Here are 3 reasons why, stated by LuLaRoe shoppers themselves:

“They keep their shape no matter your shape…plus those patterns are so stinkin’ cute. I get compliments every time I wear a pair,” – Sherrie, 37

“The price is right and I can easily mix-and-match. It makes getting dressed in the morning a no brainer for busy moms like me,” -Karla, 33

“I like what LuLaRoe stands for…it’s modest, comfortable clothing that is still chic and fun. Not boring and not the same stuff I typically see at the mall,” -Lyndsey, 26


What makes these leggings so lust-worthy (and hard to get) is the exclusive amount produced per print. So, women that are looking to stand out in unique styles while also being comfortable and part of the “community-like” shopping experience, are basically stockpiling LulaRoe this Christmas….and we can’t blame ’em.

Still need convincing? See for yourself the multiple ways to wear LuLaRoe below then click HERE to find your local hostess for instant access to all their styles!


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