5 Good Habits of Couples That Keep Them Going

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How can two people in a romantic relationship stay strong and healthy? I know it’s difficult especially when both of you are busy with other important things like family and career. Founding a trusting and positive relationship takes a lot of time and effort. For any partnership to prosper, you need to put in great work. The term “you” here is plural, meaning it’s a joint effort. A relationship is a two-way traffic. Check the list below for the five good habits of couples that will aid create and maintain a happy, healthy, and lasting romantic relationship.


You cannot love a person you do not trust. It is something that should be founded at the start of the relationship and should remain until it last. Relationships that are not anchored in trust are not likely to survive trials. Our capacity to selflessly offer ourselves to others comes with a hope of reciprocation. We trust in order to be trusted. Trust also precedes love. A romantic relationship is fastened on our capacity to be open and share ourselves with others.



Respect begets respect. It is a combination of appreciating, admiring and recognizing a person’s worth. True respect comes in seeing an imperfect person with all of his or her flaws but still find that kind of appreciation of his or her unique gifts and being. There are many forms of showing respect to your partner. You can show respect through giving him or her time, attention, and love. There are also many forms of disrespecting your partner. They include talking negatively about him or her to others, name-calling, and emotionally or physically hurting him or her.


Love is what makes the romantic relationship mind-blowing. But love alone is not enough to work things out. Communication is a must. You need to talk openly and be good listeners as well. What is love if you don’t know how to show or say it to your other half? Communication also helps in times of quarrel or misunderstanding. Hearing each other’s side is one way to clear things out.


Time and undivided attention is crucial in a relationship. A moment lost is a memory you can never get back. Whatever you do; make sure you have time to really talk, be physically and mentally present to him or her. Spending time is not about quantity but quality. Make sure you two are still engaging and spending quality time together to maintain a sincere connection.

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Appreciation validates importance. It makes your partner feel he or she matters. It is good for the ego and somehow deepens the relationship together. Show your special someone that you appreciate him or her. This could be done with words, acts of kindness, or more. Do you understand that feeling when you are being valued by your partner? That even if the world turns its back on you, you don’t give a damn because all that really matter is your partner.

Do you have any tips for the couples out there? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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