5 things you need (but didn’t think of) on your baby registry

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Animal adorned onesies and overpriced monogrammed bibs, blankets and pacifiers sure are cute…but when it comes down to it, we all want the essentials given to us at our baby showers. These are the five things you NEED on your baby registry (but didn’t realize).

Household Help

Giving the gift of help is one that’s not often asked for but deep down, seriously appreciated. There are registry sites like BabyList which let you offer up meals made from friends, delivery services from Plated and Blue Apron…even errand-running offerings from TaskRabbit. Genius! This type of gift will be oh-so handy when Mom and Dad have been up seven nights in a row with a fussy newborn or when they just don’t have the energy to even make a meal.

Clothes For Later

Unless your family tree has a history of low birth weight or small frame, your baby will only wear newborn clothes for a very short amount of time. Yes, you will need about two outfits per day for a diaper-wearing, drooling infant but most babies double their birth weight by four to six months. Think seasonally and ask for clothes down the road; guests will be able to score deals on discounted seasonal items as well so double score!

Convertible Car Seat/Booster

Infant car seats will only last for one year; then you’ll be stuck shopping for a new seat. Use this opportunity to register for a converitble car seat that, may be pricier initially, but will be the perfect investment in your baby’s future. This is the perfect gift for a parent of the lucky party to gift or a close family member.

Diapers…Lots Of Diapers

So okay, you probably did think of diapers. Diapers are kind of essential, whether they’re cloth or standard. But you most likely did not realize the LOAD of diapers you will actually need. A diaper raffle held during your baby shower is a fantastic way to rack up bum covers FYI! According to a Baby Gear Lab chart, your baby will need approximately 5,973 diapers before making his/her way into the glorious stage of potty training.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are really the most customized gift you can give…although they seem standard or last-minute, they’re actually perfect. Soon-to-be parents can use a Target or Babies R Us gift card to get nursery items or extra diapers (5,973 to be exact ha!) or even utilize a “Parents’ Night Out” set of gift cards for dinner and a movie to relax and refresh.

Source: Babycenter

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