This dad made action movies of his 5-year-old and went viral

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Our son has been asking for months to make his own YouTube channel…just a simple gaming page like his Gen Z version of role models EthanGamerTV and DanTDM. We can’t even get that together. But this dad? He just gets it.

Daniel Hashimoto takes average life moments of his son (i.e. walking to school, getting out of bed, playing in the yard) and turns them into full on Indiana Jones-inspired action movies.

Five-year-old James now has a huge following on his YouTube channel (cue parent envy from my Internet obsessed son) along with an upcoming book documenting his adventures. Granted, it helps the dad is a visual effects artist. Like a lot. Hashimoto creates the short films in Adobe After Effects turning floors into lava and everyday toy lightsabers into…actual lightsabers.

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