6 Weird Holidays You Need to be Celebrating!

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Treating every day the same can get boring fast. Instead, why not try making every day special by celebrating a holiday? Below are some of the most fun and odd holidays the calendar has to offer. Check them out to keep your life full of celebration!

Peculiar People Day – January 10th

Know any peculiar people? Are you a peculiar person? This is the today to recognize and appreciate the odd, quirky, and abnormal people in your life. Every January tenth, the world treasures those people who make it different and unique. Try it out! More information can be found here: Peculiar People Day


National Pizza Day – February 9th

As it turns out, Valentine’s Day isn’t the only important holiday in February, because February 9th is National Pizza Day! Pizza is one of the United States’ all-time favorite snacks, so it is only right that it have its own holiday. For this day you can order out and maybe tip your delivery person a little extra. After all, pizza is something to appreciate! Check out more information here: National Pizza Day

Plant a Flower Day – March 12th

Gardening in the springtime is a tradition that many have lost. Why not try celebrating a holiday dedicated to it? You can try planting any sort of flower you like, and it isn’t only good for beautifying your lawn. This holiday is perfect for teaching children the importance of the environment and their place in it. For more information, check out the link: Plant a Flower Day


Draw a Picture of a Bird Day – April 8th

Birds and art: two of the most underappreciated things in the world, and now there is a holiday dedicated to both of them. For April 8th, draw a picture of a bird, whatever bird you like. It’s a silly holiday for silly people wanting to try silly things. More information can be found here: Draw a Picture of a Bird Day

Lost Sock Memorial Day – May 9th

We’ve all lost a sock to the dryer at one time or another. May 9th is the day to memorialize those lost articles that we may never find, and even more so the socks they left behind. For more information, check out the link: Lost Sock Memorial Day

Best Friend’s Day – June 8th

Best friends (and the joy these relationships bring us) deserve to be celebrated. That’s why June 8th is Best Friend’s Day, and the perfect time to call an old best friend, meet up with your present best friend, or appreciate the good times come to pass. More information can be found at the link: Best Friend’s Day

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