Fun Summer Crafts That Are Great For Kids

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A lot of parents have a tough time trying to keep their children occupied over the summer, but these crafts make it easy with their simplicity, colorful nature, and plentiful supplies. And if you really want to make the most of your summer, try all of these crafts!

Tin Wind Chimes

These wood chimes are something simple to spice up your porch or patio from items around the house and a great way to have fun. You can find the instructions for this craft here, and a cute story to go along with it.

Tie Dyed Pillowcase Giftwrap

A fun idea that will brighten up any gift (or simply anything else) is this tie dyed pillowcase gift wrap. What you will need for this craft is simple: a pillowcase, plastic gloves, rubber bands, a tie dye kit, and your imagination!

Rainbow Bright Paper Lantern

A rainbow paper lantern is a lovely way to lighten and brighten up any room. For this craft, you’ll need a large paper lantern (approximately twenty inches), a paper lantern light kit, tissue paper squares in different colors, and tacky glue.

crafts lantern

Garden Rock Caterpillar

Are you looking for something to make your garden just a little more magical with a garden guardian? This quirky garden craft will do the job with only some paint, stones, and hot glue, all to form the shape of an adorable caterpillar. You can place this cute decoration anywhere and everywhere!

DIY Flower Crowns

For when you or your child is feeling like royalty, here is a craft just for you. All you will need is some cardstock, a pencil, a pair of scissors, an x-acto knife, a piece of cardboard, some sticky back plastic, tape, and of course, flowers. This craft is perfect for those outdoor picnics every child loves.

crafts flower crown

DIY Paper Kite

This DIY paper kite will make those windy summer days all the more exciting. You will need two wooden dowels, a 36″ wide sheet of paper, acrylic paints, twine, tape, and ribbon to complete this craft. And the best part is: the design is all yours to customize!

Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Paint

You and your child can access your creative side with this homemade sidewalk chalk paint. These colors will easily liven up any boring concrete sidewalk!

Sun Melted Crayon Art

This craft is an easy way to take advantage of the summer heat and make some art along the way. Even better, you can get rid of all those broken crayons. Here are the supplies needed for this work of art: crayons, a canvas, and a hot day.

What kind of craft activities do you enjoy with your kids? Share it with us in the comments below!

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