7 Crazy (But Real!) Treehouses From Around The World

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Treehouses are every kid’s fantasy. Turns out, they can be just as fun for adults, as shown by this list of larger-than-life tree-mansions!

These definitely aren’t your typical backyard treehouses.

The Minister’s Treehouse


The Minister’s Treehouse in Crossville, Tennessee has a history as deep and intricate as the treehouse itself. Minister Horace Burgess’ massive 97-foot tall structure was built after the man felt a calling from God himself to create the largest treehouse in the world. His creation contains a legend eighty rooms stretched over five stories. Each of these rooms are welcome to all, being that it is “God’s house”. Currently, the structure is closed indefinitely for safety reasons, but will hopefully be reopened again soon.

Treehouse Community in the Rainforest


Environment-friendliness is an important factor in today’s world, especially in housing. This new-age Costa Rican community seeks to achieve environmental self-sustainability in one amazing way: a system of treehouses connected by bridges and zip lines. The people living in these gorgeous homes can appreciate over 600 acres of rainforest land from a treetop view.

Invisible Treehouse


This remarkable work of innovation by Tham & Videgard is a four-meter reflective cube, almost completely invisible in the Swedish woods where it resides. It is apart of a six-unit “Treehotel” where guests can stay inside to appreciate the cube’s voyeuristic view. In case you’re worried about birds potentially flying into the box, there’s good news on that front: special film has been added to the sides of the cube so that it is visible to birds!

Teahouse Treehouse


Architect Terunobu Fujimori’s magical Japanese tea house combination tree house has a fairytale finish on the outside and a sleek modern look on the inside. Surrounded by blissful sakura blossoms, the tea house resides at the Kiyoharu Shirakaba Museum in Hokuto City, Japan.

Plane Treehouse


This creative spin on the traditional treehouse incorporates a vintage Boeing 727 into its design. The project cost its benefactor Joanne Ussary $30,000, first to purchase the plane, second to move it to Costa Rica, and last to renovate it amongst the jungle treetops. Ussary’s edifice is embellished with a balcony overlooking the ocean, two bedrooms, and a cockpit turned jacuzzi.

New Zealand’s Yellow Treehouse Restaurant


Auckland’s gorgeous Treehouse Restaurant is shaped like a chrysalis wrapped around a tree. The restaurant’s creators, Pacific Environments Architects Ltd., designed it to appear beautiful and natural in its surroundings. With its tight fit design, the Yellow Treehouse can fit up to eighteen guests at a time.

UFO Treehouse


This treehouse will have you asking, “is that a treehouse or a spaceship from another world?” Enclosed by a Swedish forest near Stockholm, the treehouse truly looks alien. The structure hovers six meters off the ground. A ghostly spotlight strikes the U.F.O. from below, emphasizing its otherworldly appearance. All in all, the spacey space fits a family of five and has the indoor decorations to match the incredible outdoor.

*All images taken from Bored Panda

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