This app can reduce death toll for children left in hot cars

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An average of 37 U.S. children die annually from heatstroke as a result of being left in a hot car. One new app- along with its push notification system- can reduce this number with a simple download.

Waze is a navigation and map app available for both Android and Apple devices. In addition to the social traffic tool, it also allows for regular reminders like the one here:


The notification will remind drivers when they arrive at their destination! No judgment here; anything that can help aid in lessening such a tragic annual statistic is great in our eyes.

According to Digital Trends, the feature is in beta and appears in the “changelog.” Users can access Waze’s free reminders in “app settings” within the section of options to prevent auto-lock and keep Waze on top. Users can choose to then enable or disable the warning along with message customization.

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