7 Healthy Snacks Kids Can Make Themselves

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These snacks are heaven-sent for any parent looking to teach their child a little independence and earn themselves some extra time on the side. They are perfect for after school, mornings, in between lunch and dinner.Try them out!

Ants on a log let your child get a little imaginative in the kitchen. Plus, they aren’t just silly and tasty, they are easy to make too! For this snack, you will need celery, peanut butter, and raisins Teach your child the simple recipe found here: Easy Ants On A Log Recipe. Delish!

Ice pops are the perfect chilly treat for any hot day. Lucky for you, your kids can chill out with these delicious snacks without you lifting a finger. Some prerequisites for this recipe are needed, namely, a popsicle tray. Besides that, your child’s ice pops can be just about anything! Check out some fruity recipes here: 15+ HEALTHY POPSICLE RECIPES FOR TODDLERS + KIDS


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Grilled cheese sandwiches are a kid-approved kid classic, and excellent with a side of tomato soup. To make them, your child will need cheese (sliced is preferred), butter, and bread. To add some extra flavor, they can add any combination of avocado, tomato slices, … Some borderline gourmet recipes for grilled cheese sandwiches can be found here: 10 KID-APPROVED GRILLED CHEESE RECIPES

If you are looking for one of the best healthy option for your kids, veggies and dip are a good choice. All your child will need is the aforementioned veggies and the aforesaid dip and a platter to eat them from. If you’re looking for a little extra spice, test different veggies and types of dips. Get experimenting!

Yogurt parfaits have that natural sweetness found in the best healthy snacks. To make one, your child will need yogurt (whatever kind your child might like), fruits, and… whatever else tastes good! Here are a few yummy parfait recipes:  10 Parfait Recipes Kids Can Make on Their Own


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While peanut butter banana pops might sound a little nuts and kind of bananas (pun intended), they are actually super duper delicious! Your child can make this healthy snack quick and easy. The recipe for this delight can be found here: Peanut-butter Banana Pops

Cucumber sandwiches are great for any kid who has grown a little fed up with eating sandwiches everyday because they add a new taste to their palette. Recipes for these sandwiches are completely customizable, besides the desired cucumber slices and bread. Check out a particularly delicious cucumber sandwich recipe here: The Best Cucumber Sandwich

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