7 Simple Home Reinventions You Can DIY

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Our homes are our happy places, our comfort zones, the perfect extensions of our real personalities. And like our personalities, our homes need reinventions, too, something that puts newness to the place we always come to at the end of every day.

But how do we reinvent our own spaces without having to break the bank in the process? Well, here are 10 ways we can DIY home reinventions that wouldn’t put a dent on our wallets.


If you’re a clutter-box like me, simple decluttering and a major clean-up would do the trick of reinventing your own space. Mari Kondo’s The Magic of Tidying Up is one great book to read before you delve into this process, however. You’ll find it super helpful.

After you declutter, throw away the things that you really do not need!

As our home is our space, we usually [and unconsciously!] fill it up with things that have sentimental values yet are not really useful. After decluttering, throw away all those unwanted things right away! Don’t resort to keeping them in boxes to store for “future use” because you know in your hearts you’re never going to use them anymore. As Marie Kondo said in her book, acknowledge the happiness those items brought you then let them go.

You’ll be surprised at how much space those unwanted things in your house occupied.

Rearrange the furniture.

Yep, a simple furniture rearrangement will make your so-so living room or bedroom look new to your eyes. And it doesn’t even require money to do it! Just a little planning and some brawns. And oh, towels and water for later after your hard work’s done. Not matter how hard lugging your sofa from one wall to the other will be, it’ll be worth it in the end.

living room

Add paint.

Has your room been always in green or blue? Then, now is the time to add a pop of color! Paint one of your room’s walls with a vibrant hue, something that’s different but would perfectly complement its old color. You can go ombre [dark to light shades of the same color] or color block.

Add house plants.

Putting plants inside your home not only adds color but brings in much needed fresh oxygen to the space. There are even house plants, like the aloe vera, snake plant and the peace lily, that don’t only act as beautifiers, they also purify the air inside.

Put all your framed pictures and artworks on one wall.

Try clearing out your walls of framed pictures and artworks and put them up on one wall. This will make that wall the focal point of the whole room and will make the space breezier and roomy looking.


Lessen the knick-knacks you have in your shelves and display tables.

Are your shelves all crammed up with books, frames and other Bric-à-brac? Then one thing you can do to reinvent your space is take these away. Don’t overcrowd your shelves with books or whatever things you put in them. Those little mementos from trips abroad or your angel collection are kind of cute but crowding them on your coffee table is not so clear the space away.

Make sure the room’s lights are appropriate to the space.

Sometimes, rooms are dark because of their lighting fixtures. If you want your living room to be cheery bright even at night, make sure that the lights are bright enough for the space. A dark room may be dramatic but darkness can also make it gloomy.


If a room has access to natural light then, take advantage of it! Just make sure there’s something you can use, like curtains or blinds, as cover when the sunlight streaming in gets too hot.

Reinventing your home need not be expensive. a little creativity goes a long way to making the rooms in your home look new.

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