8 Sexiest Hotels To Make Babies

sexy hotels
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It’s not a secret that couples would love to make their babies in some of the most unforgettable places. So, add one or two of these sexy hotels in your list, and start packing!

The Press Hotel

One of the best low-key hotel for food enthusiasts, the Press Hotel provides hipster vibes for couples. This hotel in Portland, Maine isn’t a traditional one. They provide tasty aphrodisiac on their menu and giving love notes a makeover by using typewriters to write your notes and letters.

The Merchant

A boutique and luxurious hotel in Salem, Massachusetts, The Merchant hosted President Washington in 1789. And if you’re up for it, you can even book the room and bed where he slept. Well, that’s a little bit creepy, but if you or your partner loves history, then this is your hotel.

Triple Creek Ranch

Triple Creek Ranch is one of the best all-inclusive resort for nature lovers. Enjoy a private cabin and even see the landscape or enjoying the stars in the grounds. Enjoy some outdoor activities like horseback riding or fishing. Let the green and lush forests invite you in for the ultimate outdoor experience.

Faena Hotel

Are you looking to enjoy some sand and beach during your quality time? Then take a look at Faena Hotel. Located in Miami Beach, the hotel boasts of having one of the best breathtaking views of Miami Beach. The balcony view isn’t the only thing captivating about the hotel. It also has a wonderful restaurant and understated elegance.

Hermitage Bay

Another hotel room with a breathtaking view is a hillside pool suite in Hermitage Bay located in Antigua, West Indies. The hillside rooms are situated in a deck where guests can soak the ocean’s view just inside their rooms. Take a dip in your room’s pool where you also get one of the best breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea.

The Penthouse Hotel

This is the hotel for the more adventurous parents or parents-to-be. Located in Phuket, Thailand, some of the rooms in the hotels have stripper poles and sex swings. Hit the pool or just relax in at the poolside after, and enjoy the view.

Dunton Hot Springs

The luxury resort is made in a ghost town in Telluride, Colorado. It’s an all-inclusive resort where guests are settled in log cabins. A surprise awaits inside as the cabins have hot spring inside where guests can take a dip. It’s tagged to have one of the best honeymoon rooms. However, couples and other guests are treated to a family-style breakfast to let them meet other people during their stay.

Hotel Majestic Barriè

It’s a legendary hotel with one of the most famous penthouses in the French Riviera; the Majestic Suite Penthouse. The penthouse has a round deck and lounge area, a lap pool overlooking the Bay of Cannes, and a 7,000-square-foot two bedrooms.

Start making a list now. Book your most favorite room or even rooms and surprise your partner!

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