7 Beauty Problems that Could Be Signs of Something Deeper

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Because Beauty is Way More Than Skin Deep

Whenever our facial skin breaks out into one of those beauty problems we all dread, we itch to give it the quick fix — medicated soap and one of those acne creams for that overnight pimple breakout or lip balm for cracked lips.

However, these beauty blunders could be more than just skin problems; they could be signs that something is wrong with your body in general. So, lay off those quick fixes for the moment and find out what your body could be telling you through your face.

  1. Dry Skin

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There may be a strong connection between dry skin and dehydration but it doesn’t mean you have to load up glass after glass of the thirst quencher [even if you’re no big fan of drinking plain old water] every time your face feels drier than the Sahara. For those suffering from dermatitis and eczema, incorporating more healthy fatty acids in your diet like Omega-3s and Omega-6s can do the trick, too.

“These polyunsaturated fats help skin cells to hold on to as much moisture as they can, thereby, preventing dry skin,” says one leading dermatologist.

Another reason for flaky skin is niacin deficiency [niacin being part of the vitamin B complex]. To improve your skin’s moisture retaining capabilities, include niacin and Omega fatty acids-rich foods in your diet like cold-water fishes [salmon, for example], green peas [preferably fresh], liver, peanuts and even sunflower seeds.

  1. Wrinkles

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Yes, getting wrinkles is inevitable as they are part of the natural aging process of our skin but we may be able to control how soon those age lines come up. As some studies confirm, there’s a strong connection between poor vitamin C intake to how soon those wrinkles pop out.

“Vitamin C isn’t just an antioxidant. It is an essential nutrient to the formation of collagen which is one important component to skin formation,” skin expert clarifies.

So, now is not the time to cast out your broccoli as it is rich in vitamin C as are papaya, pineapple, bell peppers, oranges and most tangy-tasting fruits. Additionally, one dermatologist also says that collagen supplements may also help decrease the possibility of premature skin wrinkling and damage though further studies are needed to confirm these.

  1. Thinning Eyebrows

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If you have noticed that your eyebrows, especially the outer parts, are thinning out, it could a indication of an underactive thyroid. Underactive thyroids are usually caused by hormonal imbalances. Other signs for an underactive thyroid include, fatigue, weight gain, dry skin and constipation. You need to go to a doctor to have your thyroid checked and if proven, you need to work with a medical professional who can correct the cause of it.

  1. Cracked Lips

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If you constantly suffer from cracked lips, you’re lip balm brand shouldn’t take the blame as the culprit will most likely be your diet. It could be a sign that your body’s lacking in niacin and zinc. If you are a vegan, for example, cracked lips could be a constant annoyance as these two nutriments are sourced mostly from animal products live liver, chicken and fish. But don’t despair. There are good plant-based alternatives to these such as mushrooms and peanuts for niacin and pumpkin seeds and chickpeas for zinc.

  1. Eyebags/Dark Circles under the Eyes

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Dark under-eye patches aren’t just a sign of lack of sleep; they could be telling you that you’re eating something that your body deems toxic.

“’Allergic shiners’ we call them,” one dermatologist puts it. So, if you’ve been getting good nighttime sleep and yet wake up every morning looking like a bulldozed raccoon, her advice is this: refrain from eating the most common allergy-inducing foods like dairy, eggs and gluten for 10 days. If the dark circles under your eyes don’t improve, go through allergy tests to determine what’s causing them.

  1. Acne Breakouts

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Acne breakouts are most likely the effect of your diet. Skin experts discovered that acne lessens when one follows a low glycemic index diet. To follow this food plan, you need to cut off on your flour, processed foods and sugar consumption and ante up your fruits, vegetables and whole grainsintake. Dairy can also be a guilty party in your acne breakout so cutting off on it greatly helps, too.

  1. Unwanted or Excessive Facial Hair

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In women, unwanted or excessive facial hair can be a sign of hormonal imbalance more specifically, an over production of the hormone androgen. Additionally, it could also be a red flag for polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) especially if you have irregular menstrual cycles [by irregular, your monthly visits come in varied days for every month or you skip months]. If this is the case, you need to see a doctor.

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