13 Fun and Easy Makeup Tips For Moms

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A new mom is a resourceful mom, especially when it comes to makeup. Yes, new mothers need to be practical when it comes to their makeup because we’ll be deprived of sleep or even time to wash our faces.

So, here are some tips to get more out of that 5 or 10-minute makeup time.

  1. Hide with the glasses

Actually, fake glasses,to be exact, and it’s the simplest trick in the book. Hide those sleep-deprived eyes with a cheap pair of fake glasses. If you’re actually wearing one, then good for you.

  1. Find the perfect facial wipes

Washing your face can be difficult to squeeze when you’re a first time mom. So, make sure to find the best facial wipes for you because being mom isn’t an excuse to sleep with a gunk of mascara.

  1. Eyebrows are important.

Let’s admit it, most of us feels that having a full eyebrow gives us the strength to take on anything. So, make sure to line, blend, and fill that brows before starting your day.

  1. Keep tweezers at bay

Groom your eyebrows while the baby’s sleeping or while waiting for your kid. Make sure to keep on in your car because the natural light will surely be helpful.

  1. Add waterproof mascara as your new best friend

First-time mothers can be have whirlwind of emotions everyday. So, make sure that you have a waterproof mascara on.

  1. Double your lipstick

Double the use of your lipstick as a blush. Make sure to pop some color on the cheeks to make you look like you got to sleep last night.


  1. Eyelash extensions

Yes, invest in a good eyelash extensions to make sure you still have the best lashes whenever and wherever. Wake up with the perfect eyelash (extensions) everyday.

  1. Tint those brows

If you really have a hard time filling those eyebrows, then tinting is the way to go. Make sure to make an appointment before going to your trusted tinting salon.

  1. Buy a dry shampoo

A dry shampoo saves you time drying and heating your hair. It’s really a game changer all the women, especially moms who still wants to style their hair.

  1. Braid your bangs

Or any part of your hair that you’re comfortable braiding. Remember that braiding a portion of your hair will help you look more put together.

  1. Contouring tools

Learn the basics of contouring and buy the a contouring pencil set that’s best for your skin. Make sure to learn the 2-minute contouring trick and you’ll surely be glammed after.

makeup 2

  1. White liner

If you still don’t use a white liner, then you got to get one. Make your peepers pop by lining your inner lid with a white liner.

  1. And, of course, embrace your natural beauty

If you really don’t have the time to do makeup, then it’s alright. The most important thing is you embrace who you really are because, at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

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