3 Simple Things to Do for a Happier Home

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I believe it is in every wife and mother’s wish list to have a home everyone in the family is eager to go to after a tiring or crappy day elsewhere. For this to happen, a home needs to be a place where happiness is cultivated and abounding in every corner.

And to that, here are 5 simple things you can do to make your home a happier place for your entire family.

  1. Make coming home a happy celebration.

I believe everyone wants to come home to smiles, warm hugs and sunny greetings of “You’re home!” or other words to that effect. So, make it a habit for your whole family to greet anyone who comes to your doorstep like that. Save the whining, breaking down of problems and stress sharing for later when your hubby comes in. Quit asking probing questions like “How was school today?” and complaints like “You forgot to clean your room this morning” when your kids arrive.

When my kids were smaller, it was easier to get them all enthusiastic when their daddy comes home from work. Whenever we hear his ride coming [there’s just something that made it so distinguishable even until now!], the kids would stop whatever they’re doing and troop to the door. Then, they’d greet my hubby with enthusiastic yells and hugs. Chaotic, yes, but we all loved it.

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Now that the kids have grown and go to school, I try to give them a warm homecoming, too, everyday. A warm smile, a hug, snacks and even a few minutes from your time given wholly to them can make a big difference to them.

Remember — come home to loving affirmations and not interrogations.

  1. Allow family members breathers in between.

 I am the kind of mother who’d push her kids to do their assignments right after they come home from school. This is because I want these things dealt with before my graders get to tired or sleepy to do them. But this approach is frustrating. The kids whine most of the time. There were times they act as if they didn’t hear me telling them to do their assignments. There were also points where I had to yell at them just to get them going.

If not homework, many parents ferry their children from one extra-curricular activity to another right after school. We want to see our kids learn musical instruments or develop an artistic side or be involved in the community. We want to see them excel.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting that for our children. But this shouldn’t be done at the expense of their happiness. Our kids may be stressed out with all the going-ons in their lives. LET KIDS BE KIDS AND GIVE THEM BREATHERS.

After greeting them happily, allow them some time to unwind. Let them relax. Prepare a healthy snack for them to munch on. Some kids love to recount their day with you so, let them. Some wants a bit of quiet time by themselves so let them, too.

And breathers are not just for kids. Allow your husband some quiet time for himself without the little ones barraging him with their day when he gets in from work.

Short breathers are even for you, too. Spend some time with yourself, enjoying a little peace just before the stress of dinner preparation and the family coming home from work and school.

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  1. Value relaxation in your home.

In our busy world today, it seems like a little R & R [rest and relaxation if you want that spelled out] is a crime. But then, with our society’s obsession with work, we live such a harried and stressed out life it’s messing with our physical health and well-being.

In this light, beg to differ from the world and VALUE RELAXATION IN YOUR HOME.

Encourage play. Bond with your kids. Talk to your spouse about everything other than your work stresses, kids and house problems and the bills. Go on a date or take a family vacation. It doesn’t have to be something or somewhere expensive. Laugh more and just enjoy the simple things in your life.

Happy people are productive people. If you want your family to be a productive and positive unit in your community, make your home a haven for happiness.


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