How to Have a Fun Family Scavenger Hunt

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Weekend and weekday nights are some of the best times of our lives, that’s for both parents and kids. Family night is one of the most awaited time of the week and, of course, parents would love to make every family night memorable, right?

Are you planning for this week’s family night? If yes, then try an engaging family activity like scavenger hunt! If you’re unfamiliar of the game, then we’ll walk you through.

First, team up every family member or even group them to three or more. Make sure to group or pair kids and adults to make the game fair and fun!

Scavenger hunt is a game that uses different locations. Every location must be linked to the next. The locations are linked according to an item, photo or video taken, or mode of transportation that every team must make or find to be able to proceed to the next location.

The winner is determined according to the fastest who finished the hunt. And don’t forget the price! Easy, right? The hardest part of the game is the concept.

So, to help you, we’ve come up with some scavenger hunt ideas to help you with your game night or family day!


Scavenger hunt at the park

Bring the fun and games outdoors with a scavenger hunt at the park. After pairing or grouping the players instruct them to take a photo of the following:

  • A male and female jogging
  • A street performer
  • People sitting at the bench
  • A reptile in the park
  • A cap with a baseball team logo

Scavenger hunt in the neighborhood

For families who have small children, this can be more doable. Make sure to inform your neighbors that you’re doing a scavenger hunt with the kids.

Aside from taking a photo, you can also tell them to ask for small items. So make a checklist of the items that they have to ask from every house. Example of the items includes:

  • Toothpick
  • Rubber band
  • Drinking straw
  • Paper cup
  • Paperclip

Set the time limit for the game. Don’t forget that the fastest team to complete the list wins!

Indoor scavenger hunt

Are you planning a game night? Then an indoor scavenger hunt is the best theme for your game.

This will need more preparation on your part as you have to hide the items for every team to find. So make sure to hide a specific item in every part of the house. Here’s an example:

Master’s bedroom: Wristwatch

Kitchen: Earphones

Bathroom: Toothpick

Children’s bedroom: Sunglasses


Plan carefully that every team must enter the room at different time. For example, team 1 will have to go to the kitchen first while team 2 must first go to the bedroom.

Chore scavenger hunt

Well, this can be the children’s least favorite, but at least they’ve finished their chores and have a price at the end.

You can let them find the clutter in different parts of the home and put it back to where they belong. For example:

  • Find pencils on your desk
  • Fold 5 shirts
  • Find three pairs of socks

The possibilities are endless with the scavenger hunt, so make sure to try different themes every week. You can even bring the kids to the zoo for an animal-themed scavenger hunt!

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