The healthiest drive-thru options for your family

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Ugh, the dreaded


dinner…it’s always rushed and hardly ever healthy. You dash, you dine, you watch it effect your waistline. As our busy lives are in a cycle of constant motion, running from one activity to the next, fast fare food is sometimes all we have time for when feeding our families on the go. For this reason, we’ve come up with a fantastic assortment of options to make “healthy in a hurry” a viable option!

Whiny Wives

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Wendy’s Power Mediterranean Salad

Nutrition tip: ask for dressing on the side to lightly drizzle! In addition to fiberous lettuce, this power salad offers high quality ingredients like sundried tomato quinoa and hummus. If available at your participating Wendy’s, ask for the half-size for a portion that will still fill you up without weighing you down.

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Chipotle’s Chicken Burrito Bowl

Nutrition tip: fill up on protein-rich ingredients like brown rice, black beans and the healthy fat of avocado in your guacamole topper. Nix the cheese and double up on your veggies so you can enjoy a small serving of chips with that guac!

Helping Husbands

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In-And-Out Burger’s Protein Style Double Double

Nutrition tip: Men love their meat and In-And-Out recognizes that. One double double (meaning two hamburger patties) sans bread bun is under 500 calories when taking away one condiment, i.e. cheese, mustard or ketchup. It packs a serious protein punch and is also tasty, score!

panera bread, healthy, fast-food, drive thru, restaurant, steak, mediterranean, lettuce, wraps

Panera Bread’s Power Steak Lettuce Wraps

Nutrition tip: This recent menu add has mediterranean flair with seared top sirloin, healthy garnishes and a delicious basil pesto. Best of all, it’s under 300 calories which allows for your husband or male mate to add on one of Panera’s Greek yogurt-based smoothies for a refreshing sip.

Crazy Kids

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Chikfila’s Grilled Chicken Nugget Kids Meal

Nutrition tip: Although it’s tempting, ask for the fruit bowl for your child instead of the french fries for an all around all-star meal! Their grilled chicken is antibiotic free while their drink options are either organic or low in fat. We were very impressed with the variety of health-conscious options Chikfila had for kids.

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Subway’s Fresh Fit Kids Meal

This national chain has also stepped it up with additional offerings that don’t make your belly bulge or tummy rumble two minutes later (after eating). The Fresh Fit kids meal comes with apple slices, low-fat milk and the ability to customize one’s sandwich to ensure satisfaction in even the pickiest of patrons.
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