The 2 apps your child needs before browsing the web

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In a digital age where babies more intuitive with smart screens than tech savvy adults, the risk is real of having your youngster search “girl gone wild” to find a Taylor Swift reaction vid…and get something shockingly different than expected. To combat the fear of unsupervised Internet surfing, rejoice in knowing that these are two of the best applications for your little “goo goo, gaga” Googler.

This kiddie version of trusted search engine Google (although not affiliated) offers parents and extra set of eyes on their children and their web browsing habits. Certain keywords, like “girls in bikinis” images, are restricted to prohibit explicit content on the platform.

kiddle, technology, kids, internet, google search, safe search

In addition, web results are ranked to provide easier access to content written specifically for children. When we searched “poop” the first three results were two articles on constipation and about the bowels and a recipe for delicious-looking “unicorn poop” cookies. 

kiddle, safe search, filtering, web browsing, google, kids, internet, technology, safety

While the extent of search options is slightly limited, as in it will be more of an annoyance for your pre-teen attempting to research a school essay topic than helpful, this is the perfect web-based application to allow your amateur Internet user on while you’re finishing up household chores.

YouTube Kids
We’ve all been there…your child asks to play with your phone with a superbly pouty “please” you can’t deny, so you hand it to them. But wait for it, they finagle their fingers onto YouTube where “twerking tutorials” reign supreme. Before you know it your three-year-old is attempting the Kyle Jenner lip challenge and reciting more-than-elicit rap lyrics.

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Enter YouTube kids! The official YouTube app, available for Android and Apple users, which allows customization depending on your child’s age and what types of videos they might enjoy. There is even a timer for screen time limitation (major score to you not having to be the “bad cop” when time is up).

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There are sub-categories that allow kids of all ages to subscribe to channels as well as choose to watch videos for entertainment or education.


What are your favorite kid-friendly apps?

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