10 Things You Can Do To Be The Best Husband

how to be the best husband
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Many husbands would agree that a happy wife means a happy life. And every husband would love this. So, be the best husband and be awarded by your wife with these ten tips!

  1. Open the door

This may sound simple, but trust me, chivalry never goes out of fashion. Do this regardless if you’ve been married 2, 5, or even 25 years. Always paint a smile on her face by making her feel that small things matter to you, too.

  1. Coffee, tea, or me?

Well, of course, she’ll choose you. But you can even make her feel even more special by making her favorite tea or a hot cup of coffee. Do this in the morning or anytime of the day and you’ll surely make her smile.

  1. Watch the movie she picked

Oh, yes, movie night is one of the most anticipated night for some couples. So, why not let wifey choose the movie tonight? It’s a small price to pay to make a your movie date extra awesome.

  1. Cook her favorite meal on random nights

Or even better, cook for her if she has an office presentation. This will truly make her feel that she can always count on you. Should you cook a fancy or simple meal? It really doesn’t matter. Just cook with an extra spice: love.

how to be the best husband

  1. Introduce your wife with a compliment

Remember that words of affirmation is one of the strongest form of love. So, use it to your advantage and introduce your beautiful wife with a compliment. Simple, but it’s surely worth a try.

  1. Take care of her especially when she’s sick

Take a day off. Be by her side. Cook her a hot soup and just be there. This is one of the most important part you should do and you’ll surely receive an unmatched answer.

  1. Treat your wife’s family as your own

Yes, this may seem to be default when you get married. But it’s important to express or tell your wife that you love your in-laws. Remember that her family is also yours now, and vice versa.

  1. Support her in everything she does

And yes, by support we also mean support the career she’s chosen as much as she support you. Let her know that your careers are equally important. Remember, support her on her decisions. Make sure she knows you’re 100% there for her.

  1. Always do your part

Don’t make it seem like you’re not listening. Make sure to do your part especially when she’s already reminded you to do so. Or, better yet, surprise her. Do your chores or part of the deal even before she does hers.

  1. Plan a surprise vacation

This can be a bit difficult to hide from your wife, but at least try. Plan a weekend vacation for the both of you. Find a place that you can both enjoy. And, of course, if you can hide it from her until the day you have to travel, then do it. But just make sure you’ve made the proper arrangements, especially with her office.

how to be the best husband

There you have it, the ten things you can do to be the best husband! Do you have any tips? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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