10 Things You Should Say To Your Kids

kids with parents
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Words and conversations last, especially when it comes from the people we love, such as our parents. That’s why parents need to make memorable conversations with their kids. To start with, here are some powerful statements you shouldn’t hesitate to say to your children.

  1. Thank you.

Not everything or every word should be praise. A simple thank you is a great way to show courtesy and respect to your kids. They will then, later on, bring this as they socialize both as children and adults. So, remember to start grace and tact with your kids as early as now.

  1. We all make mistakes.

This is an adamant praise to start your kids with realistic expectations. The phrase helps parents tell their child that they as parents aren’t perfect, and so is the child. So, tell and admit to your kids your mistakes in the kitchen or even while doing your chores.

  1. You’re right.

Accepting mistakes is one thing, and accepting that your kid or someone else is right is another thing. It teaches the child to let go of vindication. It teaches the child to focus on the current instead of reliving the past.

kids with parents

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  1. I’m sorry.

Remember that kids can see through our actions. So, I strongly suggest not to cover up any mistake. Teach them to own up to their actions and the results and, of course, apologize sincerely.

  1. How about we agree to…

The phrase teaches kids to learn about disagreements and how to solve them. It helps children identify how to work with other people by agreeing within a common ground. Yes, as early as possible, it’s best to teach kids the basics of conflict resolution because, why not?

  1. What do you think?

Another great phrase to foster critical thinking and openness in your child. Let them express their feelings and opinions while voicing your own too to encourage conversation. Start small; and if they’re already asking about the flowers and the bees, then it could be the time to talk to them.

  1. Tell me more

It’s a phrase that emphasizes on being open to their feelings or thoughts. It’s a great phrase to start especially if you think that your child’s having troubles may it be at school or with friends. However, remember to listen to them and please, don’t start nagging. It’ll build doubt on your sincerity to hear them out, so avoid it at all cost.

  1. Let’s read.

This isn’t another awe-inspiring phrase, but reading is a great habit that we need to cultivate at a very young age. It’s either you teach them to read, or you read to them, it’s an excellent way to inspire them. Let them into a new world, places, and idea with stories and books.

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  1. You’re a fast learner!

Instead of telling children their smart, say they’re a fast learning. It’s a much better and important phrase so that they see learning as a part of working hard not just being smart. Remember that educators believe that children who feel the need to work hard at school also establishes a great way of learning.

  1. Let’s do it!

Instead of forcing your kids to do the chores on their own, why not make a tandem? Be Batman and Robin or Elsa and Anna; just be partners.

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