The 10 Types of Moms You Encounter at Your Kid’s Elementary School Drop Off

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People grazing have become somewhat a favorite hobby of mine for a few years now and my grazing ground — my kids’ elementary school drop off. And through the few years I’ve been doing this, I noticed that I could categorize every parent I see into 10 different types.

Hey, I may sound like a mean mother doing this but I’m actually not — just one introvert who loves passing time observing the people around her. This post is not to criticize moms [that includes me!] or their brand of parenting. Just think of me as a social “observationist”.

  1. Pajama/PJ Mom

Most times, I fall into this category. We, PJ Moms usually didn’t just wake up to rush our kids to school, it just seems that way. But hey, kudos to us for being comfortable strutting through the school ground in our rattiest clothes and bare faces! Not every mama can do that.

  1. Running Late/Just in Time Mom

Just in time/running late mom is the one who parks haphazardly on the school’s parking  lot , rushes her kid through the doors all the while cramming papers inside the bag, taming hairs and tidying clothes. And she does this just in the nick of time everyday!

  1. There Before the Sun Rises Mom

Yes, there before the sun rises momma is totally the opposite of the running late mom. They’re the moms whose kids will most likely bag the Most Punctual awards at the end of the school year.

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  1. Buzz-y Mom

Buzz-y Moms are the school’s gossip queens. They know just about anything you want to know in school — from updates on projects, who’s new and of course, those juicy secrets lurking in the corners.

  1. Asshole Parker Mom

See that parent whose car takes up parking space enough for two vehicles and if you point this out you’ll most likely get called with every bad name in the book? Meet the asshole parker mom.

  1. Road Lawbreaker Mom

Road lawbreaker moms are usually the running late ones. They beat the red lights, go beyond the speed limit and overtake just about every single vehicle in sight just so they could get the kids to school on time.

  1. Jeff Gordon Mom

Then there’s the mama who should have been on the race track winning NASCAR trophies. She’s the kind of mama who smooth sails through overtakes and traffics, who knows how to drift and parks her car like a winner. Every time I see a Jeff Gordon mom I always have the urge to ask her to teach me driving lessons!

  1. Overachiever Mom

Hair perfectly in place, smartly dressed, neat kids in matching bags and lunch boxes in tow, megawatt smile in place . . . wow, this mom achieves effortlessly what every mom type wants but fall short of achieving — looking magazine perfect! Overachiever moms are the ones who lead volunteer school projects. And as expected, their kids top their respective classes, too.

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  1. Helicopter Mom

Helicopter moms are the teacher ambushers, the ones who wait outside classroom doors observing her child’s class in whatever way she can then jumps upon the teacher to discuss the latest English quiz or the coming exams. And they’re also the ones who hover over their kids afraid that they might give out or write down the wrong answers!

My advice to helicopter mommies: GIVE YOUR KID AND HIS TEACHERS A BREAK!

  1. Car Pool Mom

Car pool moms thrive in carpooling. They’re either the ones who love to pool the other kids from the neighbourhood to take to school or the ones who love to send their kids to school through carpool.

So, what mommy type are you?

Well, whatever category you fall into, I’m sure we’re all bonded together in this one truth: we love our kids and want what we think is best for them.

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