13 Best Potty Training Tips For Parents

potty training
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Sometimes, potty training can be hard and stressful for you and your kid, especially for first-time moms. And it could really be difficult, at first. So, where and when do we start to make it easier?

  1. Start with Yourself

Nope, this doesn’t mean you have to forget and relearn your potty training lessons as a kid. It means start at teaching yourself to be patient, here’s how.

Some parents swear by going to the bathroom with their kid every 10 or 20 minutes. Do this even if you’re out. Be consistent and be patient. You’ll eventually see your kid pee on their own after a week or two.

  1. Naked Time

Again this isn’t for you and your partner, that’s another story. For your child, let her or him walk around the house naked or with just shirt on. Strictly no diapers and underwear on. Your kid has no choice but to go to the toilet.

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  1. Support your kid

Every time your kid shows signs of elimination, slowly walk the child to the toilet. You can also bring the pot and let him/her sit on it.

  1. Difficulty in doing #2? Reward your kid.

Yes, you read that right. Give your child a reward like a 2 pieces of M&Ms or even go big like an ice cream day. This encourages your child to do the same thing because it’s associated with the potty prize.

  1. Do it with a game

Some parents use games or videos to remind their child to go the bathroom every 20 minutes. Depending on the interval of the game, the child will then follow through, especially if the child needs to do a #1 or #2.

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  1. Train at school, too

Make sure that your child’s teacher also tries to do the same method you do at home. Remember, consistency is key. So talk to them and let them know what’s your kid’s potty training method.

  1. Start small

Don’t jump right away to using the toilet. Try to alternate routines to encourage creativity and memory on your child’s part.

  1. Don’t get frustrated

It’s a learning process. As what we’ve said in the beginning, it’s you and your child that should learn in the process. Help your child by making sure he/she feels safe and comfortable as potty training goes.

  1. Limit drinks before bedtime

Limit drinking any liquid an hour before bedtime to help them keep dry during their sleep. Night time potty training is also important, so it’s best to consider it, too.

  1. Any favorite spot?

Try finding your child’s favorite spot and remember that spot. Buy a potty set and place it in her sport so she won’t forget it. Practice your child on the same spot with different time intervals.

  1. Go cold turkey

If all else fails, go called turkey. Let your child wear underwear without a diaper on. If the kid pees or poops, change it. Be patient and every time you do this, remind your kid to use the potty instead of undies.

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  1. Teach more than just pooping and peeing

Always remind your child to use the flush every time after he/she uses the toilet. Point to your kid and teach them how to use it. Remember, flushing is part of their potty training.

  1. If all else fail, diapers the answer

If you really think it’s still too early to train, then use diapers. However, make sure to do all the necessary potty training tips before giving up. Remember, persistency and patience is a virtue.

Do you have any potty training tips? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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