How To Make Your Home Teen-Friendly

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It’s always a parent’s delight to see their kids hangout at home. Either with friends or just with their siblings, knowing that your kid’s in a safe place is enough. But how can we make our homes cozy for our teens and their friends?

Well, the first step is to just really welcome everyone. Welcome your child’s friend to your door and everything will definitely follow. Of course, it’s not an overnight thing. Take these tips as you go along and we assure you your home’s the best hangout place at the end of a week or so.

Start with a when and how many

You want your kid’s friends to hangout in your home? Then make sure to ask when they’re planning it. Also, remember to ask how many, or set a limit as to how many you think your space can accommodate. Explain to your kid that it’s important to limit their number so that everyone will feel comfortable.

Don’t encourage impromptu hangouts. Also, set that weekends are for the entire family. So, it’s better to set weekday afternoon or late in the evening hangout.

Build a lasting relationship with your kids and their friends

Remember that teenagers don’t really need cool parties. All they need are cool and nice parents who understands them. So it’s best to attract the teens with your kindness and flexibility.

Remember, it’s just a matter of few years before they stop bringing friends over. So cherish this time and make sure they know it.

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Do they need privacy?

The answer really depends on how well you know your kid. So take time to talk to them and let them know the boundaries inside the house. Also, observe their friends, too. If there’s something that should be controlled, then don’t trigger it.

For example, one parent noticed that her child’s friend often get into the internet and get into inappropriate things. The key here is not to reprimand the child. The best thing to do is remove the laptop or desktop or limit the WiFi use when they hangout.

Provide their needs

Well, every parent really does. But when it comes to teenagers hanging out, it’s important to stack some snacks for them, too. You can also add Xbox or Wii in the list to keep them entertained.

More importantly, no alcohol. Remember that these are teens you have in your house. It’s against the law to provide alcohol to minors even with adult supervision.

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Entertainment room/hangout room

You can also share your entertainment room with your teens, especially if you also like to play Xbox or board games with your family. This can also help you set boundaries and rules as they use the room, too.

Making your entertainment room and hangout room also sets trust to your kid that he or she will follow the rules as they use the space. It also helps set limits in time of use, especially if you set weekend as a family day or night.

How did you get your home to be teen-friendly? Share your thoughts below!

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