6 Fruity Summer Snacks that Beat the Heat

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Sometimes the blistering heat of summer can really ruin its fantastic appeal. Here are a few cool snacks that will keep the summer fever down and the good times coming, because this time of year should be fun, exciting, and colorful. And these chilly treats are just that.


These fun twists on traditional popsicles won’t only keep you cool, but they’ll keep you healthy, too. They can be made from any combination of your favorite fruits and juices. Some highly recommended examples include orange juice with kiwi, coconut milk with fresh berries ( raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries ), and apple juice with apple slices. If you don’t have any juice lying around, vanilla yogurt also works and tastes delicious. The only item you need for the recipe, besides the ingredients, is a popsicle mold. The first step is to pour the juice into the mold about halfway to three-quarters of the way full. Then, after cutting the fruits into smaller slices, place them into the mold until the juice reaches the popsicles mold’s threshold. To make the recipe even more fun, try slicing your fruit into thick strips and then using cookie cutters to cut the fruit into silly shapes. Once you have created enough popsicles to satisfy you, place the popsicle mold in the freezer for approximately eight to ten hours until completely frozen. Enjoy!


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Watermelon Popsicles

If you’re looking for something much easier than “fruit-sicles”, then try these frozen watermelon popsicles. They’re easier, simpler, and just as yummy. Get the recipe from Cook the Story.

Chocolate-coated Strawberries-on-a-Stick

Here’s a treat that will make your summer really sweet. For this recipe you’ll need six ounces of chocolate, 3 ounces of white chocolate, and one pound of strawberries. This undeniably delicious recipe can be found at the Food Network website.

Yummy Caramel Apple Dip

This delicious delight compromises sweetness with the tartness of a Granny Smith apple. Here’s what you will need: an eight-ounce, softened package of cream cheese, ¼ cup of caramel topping, ½ cup of brown sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, 1 cup of marshmallow fluff, and as many apples as you like. You can find the rest of the recipe at Life in the Lofthouse.


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Savory Tropical Smoothie

This smoothie is such a scrumptious combination of tropical fruits strawberries, kiwi, bananas, vanilla, pineapple, and mango, that you’ll practically be able to hear the ocean waves. Here’s the recipe from the creator themselves.

Lemonade with a Twist

Lemonade is a classic summer drink, so why not bring a little extra flavor to it this summer to mix things up? You could try it with mango juice, strawberry juice, or whatever else you may like. Some appetizing examples include raspberry lemonade, double-citrus orange lemonade, and peach lemonade.

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