9 Easy Ways to Help Your Kids Make Money

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Responsibility is a very important lesson to teach your child from a young age. To be successful in the world, children need to be able to stand on their own two legs and do things for themselves. Building a business, big or small, can help them do just that. Here are a few ways your child can build responsibility while making some pocket money on the side.

Group Car Wash

A group car wash is an incredibly fun way to make money. Your child can do this activity once a month or every weekend with the family or their friends.

Make and Sell Crafts

This activity is a great way to let your child explore their creative side. Your child can create fun crafts like jewelry, mug cozies, coasters, clay cups and plates, etc. The possibilities are endless!


Sell Old Stuff

Your child might have some older toys, electronics, or collectibles they no longer want or need. They can sell these items online on websites like eBay or in a yard sale! By selling their old junk, your child won’t only learn how to make profit easily, but will carry the ability to let go into adulthood.


Yardwork is a classic child-run business. It can include raking leaves, mowing lawns, and shovelling driveways, all relatively easy tasks that will teach your child the value of manual labor. Of course, your child should only work for neighbors and family, and other trusted individuals.  


If your child knows a particular subject well, they can be paid to tutor younger kids who might be having trouble. They can be paid by hour ($5/per hour is a good start) or a set amount. The best part about tutoring is that it virtually never goes out of season!


This one is for the older kids who have experience with children. Babysitting is one of the most popular kid-run businesses, but it is essential that your child can be patient with someone else’s child and handle potentially dangerous situations. If your child is ready and capable, babysitting is a great way to make some side money as a tween/teen!

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting or becoming the neighborhood dog walker is a great way to make money for any child that loves animals. It can even be fun! However, ensure that your child can handle foreign animals beforehand, or they could get in a mess of trouble.



Not only is recycling great for the environment, it can also be great for your wallet. Your child can collect recyclables around the house or around the neighborhood and give them to your local recycling center for profit. It’s easy, simple, and perfect for kids.

Grow & Sell Vegetables

This option takes a little longer than the rest, but in this new age of organic homemade everything, locally grown vegetables are in high demand. Easy-to-grow plants include tomatoes and strawberries. Try selling some to your neighborhoods or family friends!

Your and your child can try any combination of these mini-businesses. Publicize their new business venture with flyers, Facebook posts, or (if they are old enough) going door-to-door. Good luck!

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