Cookout hacks to level up your summer

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With summer entertaining on the horizon for many of us, the question of “How do I take my cookouts to the next level?” arrises. A signature cocktail is so been there, done that and we’re looking to up the ease factor not the cheese factor. Fortunately, a ton of life hacks catered to making outdoor entertaining better and easier have appeared on the Internet! We weeded out the wonderful from the wack and listed them below.

  1. Love hot dogs but hate the trail of evidence they leave on your child’s face? Try this handy hack: squirt condiments directly onto the bun, below the hot dog then place the pippin’ hot weenie above!
    No mess!
  2. Similar to hack #1, watermelon can make a sticky mess on small hands (and who are we kidding, our own too). Make this tasty summer fruit an on-the-go treat by pushing a popsicle stick into the rind.


  3. Ahh, the many uses for muffin tins! Serve up condiments conveniently in separated sections or, shown below, pre-scoop ice cream flavors into the tin then keep in freezer until its time for dessert!IMG_1552
  4. This hack has been all over our Facebook feeds and for good reason…it’s genius! Reuse your baby wipe to-go container to make the ultimate travel snack. Shown in this video, remove the plastic lid from any brand of baby wipes and attach it onto a bag of chips.
  5. Simple but effective (two major factors in an effective life hack): place a mini marshmallow in the bottom of your ice cream cone to prevent drips!
  6. Lastly, be the ultimate hamburger helper by having portions ready in advance! Save money by buying your ground beef in bulk then season, section and freeze until the night before your backyard soiree. Twelve hours ’til, thaw and break off a pre-made patty as needed.grill-hacks-13-768x479

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Featured Photo: Undiscovered Kitchen

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