Why I drink at my child’s birthday parties…and you should too

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Your child’s birthday parties are magical for most of the guests…an array of Tonka Truck themed finger foods or the proverbial Pin The Tail On The Donkey schtick delight the eight-and-under demographic while allowing us to have some much needed “Mommy time”. You know what makes my child’s birthday party better than others on the block, though? It’s not the Pinterest-inspired invitations or a gourmet, three-tiered birthday cake…it’s alcohol.

The “to drink or to not drink” debate is a hot topic in my Mommy group but honestly, most Dads are all for it and I can see why. The annual get together can go from backyard games and over-stimulated infants to sit and sip. No, I don’t drink heavily in front of my kiddos (or in front of my friends except during special occasions), I’m all for the idea of showing moderation and responsible “fun having”.

But Brittany, aren’t we supposed to be role models as parents? Yes, and this actually does that believe it or not. Do not worry, they won’t associate their childhood with you as Will Ferrell in Old School running through a college campus sans clothing!

Instead, they will see you indulging once in a blue moon (with a Blue Moon) and handling your alcohol responsibility as adults are allowed to do.

While I wouldn’t go as far as offering a communal Pina Colada punch bowl, I highly advocate a summer beer cocktail for those 21 and older or, if you prefer to keep the alcohol in the kitchen, make guests aware by invite or once arrived that Capri Suns aren’t the only mixed drink available.

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