3 Father’s Day gifts dads actually want

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Amongst a sea of underused coffee mugs and “Dad” engraved hats, tees and undies are hidden gems…the few, the proud, the perfect Father’s Day gifts for your #1 dude.

Yes, we know Fathers’ Day is less than one week away; we’re impressed we didn’t broadcast this live from Walgreens Aisle Five the day of, honestly. Browse our picks and let us know what you plan to get your papa, daddy, Lazy Boy king or main man on our Fam Frenzy Facebook page.

Grill Gear

If there’s one thing the Dad majority loves, it’s cooking meat over an open flame. Whether it’s gas or charcoal, get your dad some gear for his grill! We’re talking Weber brand steak knives, a subscription to Omaha Steaks for the year or go all out and add a new appliance to his backyard setup. You can even take this quick quiz to find out what type of griller your go-to guy is, and pick a gift from there!

Tickets To Anything

Chances are, there’s one sports team or “experience” based event your father would love to do. Take this once-a-year opportunity to really shine (and become his all-time favorite child) with tickets to anything. Does he enjoy donning a little Tommy Bahama and groving to the smooth sounds of The Beach Boys? They’re touring through mid-August, so now is the perfect time to splurge on Summer Tour tix.

Would he prefer to cheer from behind home plate? There are plenty of golf and baseball options that will please your foam finger wagging fan. You could even check out Stub Hub for an early Fall event and tease him now with a gift package of gear, an extended TV sports package for the summer and a six-pack of handpicked beer for the next at-home game.

A Skill To Share

Take this opportunity to teach your dad, in return for all things things he’s taught you (Stick Shift 101, thanks for the passing grade pops)! Craft beer kits to brew your own are always a win-win especially for whoever gets to sample, plus it’s a great way to socialize by hosting a tasting party during a backyard BBQ at your casa.

Another Father’s Day gift to get the active dad’s heart pumping and interests peaked would be a sports-related gift from a certificate for private golf lessons or a “rock climbing for beginners” day out with dad and son or daughter. Men love to fix things and assert their skills, so give them some handy new ones to flaunt this Father’s Day!

If these Father’s Day gifts fail, make a mad dash to your local gadget store and pick up a toy helicopter. Grown men love gadgets and these are ones that don’t cost as much as a mortgage! 

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