Here’s How Music Can Make You Feel Better

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Many of the world’s brightest minds were either musicians, such as Johann Sebastian Bach, or preferred to be one, such as Albert Einstein. Music can also be a religion, as referred by Jimi Hendrix.

Luckily, there are also people we know who can both sing and play an instrument. And unsurprisingly, there are some who still love music even though they can’t hit a note.

The reason for this is that our brains love music. Here are some proofs:

  1. It makes us happy

Dopamine is released by our brain when we listen to the music we like. It’s a the “feel-good” neurotransmitter which understandably causes us to be happy.

A study at McGill University was conducted where music lovers were injected with a radioactive substances. The substances binds with the dopamine receptors once they’ve listened to the music they love.

During the PET scan, large amounts of dopamine were released by the subjects. This caused them to feel happy and excited.

  1. Keeps our brains healthy

As we listen to music, we’re also exercising our brains. And that’s why listening to music or having a musical training keeps aging brain healthy.

With music, our brains can draw on our memories. This then creates a neurological pattern helps our brain regain health, even after full or partial damage.

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  1. Music relieves us from stress

Considering that music makes us happy, it’s also safe to say that it relieves us from stress. As we listen to music, our cortisol, the stress hormone, also decreases.

Studies show that 60% of our diseases are caused by stress. So, as cortisol decreases, our body also becomes more healthy.

A study even showed that actively listening to music and singing boosts our immune system. So, stay calm and stress-free by listening to music at the end or in the middle of your day.

  1. It helps your diet

Are you trying to lose weight? Then listen to music.

In a study conducted by George Tech University, it was revealed that people who listen to music and ate with soft lightning consumed less calories. The respondents even reported that they enjoyed their meals more.

So, the next time you eat out or eat at home, make sure the light’s dim. Also, don’t forget to listen to your favorite tracks.

  1. Music reduces pain

Music can help reduce the pain that patients feel. In a study conducted by Drexel University in Philadelphia on cancer patients, the patients reported that music therapy reduced their pain as they undergo treatments.

In another study, patients in intensive care also reported reduced pain. However, they reported that they prefer listening to classical and meditative music.

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  1. Music reduces depression

Insomnia and depression are some of the things that people suffer from. That’s why a study was conducted on how music can help almost 350 million people suffering from depression and those suffering from insomnia.

A sleep study was conducted on a group suffering from a depression. The group listened to classical music before sleeping and another group did not listen to music. The group who listened to classical music showed a significant decrease in the symptoms of depression.

Do you like music? Share your favorite pick-me-upper tracks in the comments section below!

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