Thoughts every mom has while scrolling her Facebook feed

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We’ve all been there…sitting at our desk or on our mobile phone, scrolling mindlessly (yet full of thoughts, snarky hilarious thoughts) through our Facebook feed. Chances are, you’re familiar with these types of posters or you’ve been dangerously close to becoming on of these Facebook faux pas. Laugh along and share on- yup you guessed it- Facebook!

The “I Only Post Posed, Perfect Pictures Of My Kids” Person

Please show us more how your life is perfect! We’re dying to see how you coordinate matching outfits for the entire family and still have time to cook an all-natural, farm fresh, gluten-free gourmet meal.


The “I Learned How To Share Cat Videos, Aren’t You Excited” Person

Repeat after us: Just because a cat video exists on the Internet, it doesn’t mean you need to share it. Put. Down. The. Mouse.


The “I Forgot Facebook Is A Public Forum” Person

Diaries are for private thoughts. Or, here’s an idea, get off your Facebook app and instead call your mom/best friend/psychiatrist or a total stranger! Anything is better than sharing it on a globally public forum. Examples of prohibited posts: your struggle with monthly menstruation, all the fights you have with your soon-to-be ex and anything that belongs in a toilet.


The “Facebook Is My Job, I’m Just Waiting For My Paycheck” Person

Unless you have a career in social media or public relations, Facebook is not your job. You do not get a quarterly bonus for views per post or for the amount of times you change your profile picture.


The “I’m Gonna Tag You In Every Irrelevant (or Inappropriate) Video I Find” Person

Dear second cousin Donnie: Those Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue teasers are intriguing sure but can you please not tag me (and the rest of the Graduating Class of ’96)? People may assume I’m on the cover. Or that I enjoy watching chicks half my age prance around in pasties and a smile.


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