Late Night Cravings? Eat This Not That!

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Late night cravings happen to all of us. We have all rolled out of bed, rubbed our eyes, and began that slow, dazed zombie-walk to the kitchen. But when we get to the fridge… most of us tend to make the wrong choices. Most people will pick junk food, and it is just plain bad for your health. This type of food can lead to obesity and weight gain, because our bodies process fatty foods differently when we are asleep. Junk foods get converted easily into fat tissues. Not only that, but studies have found that late night snacking can make you more tired during the daytime and even make it more difficult to sleep at night. Here are some fun alternatives to classic late-night foods: Candy –

Candy, though an occasional delight, will not do for a midnight snack. It will only escalate your blood sugar, contribute to the decay of your teeth, and increase your appetite further. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, try a mouth-watering chocolate-dipped banana or a delectable sugar-coated strawberry. These will satisfy your sweetness craving and save your health!


Potato Chips – Craving potato chips might mean that you are looking for something salty, but they are simply not in option. A few potato chips will not quench your appetite, and this is by design. Just one potato chip will lead to you craving more and more, until you’ve eaten the whole bag! Greasy foods like potato chips do not digest easily, so you will be feeling tired and slow even into the morning. Instead of fatty chips, try some tasty salted kale chips. This way, you get the saltiness you want without the oily consequences.


Ice Cream – This frozen dessert is delicious in the right circumstance, but as a late-night snack, it will give you a stomach ache that will make it hard to get back to sleep. Besides that, ice cream contains an unbelievable amount of fat which, while you sleep, can lead to weight gain. Ice cream might be yummy, but you can do better with an appetizing fruit smoothie. By drinking a fruit smoothie instead, you get the sweet coolness of ice cream while leaving the processed sugars out!

ice cream

Soda – Among late night junk foods, carbonated soda is one of the worst. It can provoke heartburn and put you in a sugar high that will make it very difficult to fall asleep. To replace this craving, try fruit flavored water, green tea, or even vegetable juice. Green tea alone can help with insomnia, weight loss, tooth decay, diabetes, and it can improve blood flow, making it one of the best options out there for late-night snacking. All of these soda substitutes are sure to fill you up and keep you in tip-top shape.


Keep these options in mind the next time you’re having a midnight hankering, because these healthy alternatives to your late night appetite are sure to keep you full and boost your health! Pretty soon, you might even forget all about those old junk foods.

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