7 parenting comics that are hilariously, and brutally, relatable

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Cartoonist and purveyor of comedically-informed parenting, Brian Gordon, began documenting his joys and mishaps in parenting in a collectible cartoon form called “Fowl Language: Welcome To Parenting.” The illustrations feature birds of a feather trying to do their best in everyday situations that are hilariously, and brutally, relatable.

Hilarious-Comics-Illustrate-Universal-Parenting-Struggles (6)

Unless party favors include partial college tuition…we don’t want ’em.

Hilarious-Comics-Illustrate-Universal-Parenting-Struggles (5)

Strange candy is only acceptable if it HASN’T fallen on the ground…and failed the five-second rule.

Hilarious-Comics-Illustrate-Universal-Parenting-Struggles (4)

Sames. Who said leggings, rain boots and a princess crown don’t go great together?

Hilarious-Comics-Illustrate-Universal-Parenting-Struggles (3)

Angry Birds. Stinkin’ Angry Birds.

Hilarious-Comics-Illustrate-Universal-Parenting-Struggles (2)

We secretly wish he’d make one similar for summer break when school’s back in session, ha!

Hilarious-Comics-Illustrate-Universal-Parenting-Struggles (1)

May I please take your plate of spaghetti and dump it on the ground, sir?


Kids say the darndest things!


For more of Gordon’s work visit his site here
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