Virtual reality makes bedtime storytelling a cinch?

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The day has finally come…robots are ruling the world and chicken can be manipulated to make the tastiest (and most genetically modified) nuggets this side of the McMississippi. To top off the presence of the future amongst us, I introduce to you Samsung’s Bedtime Virtual Reality Stories.

That’s right bedtime warriors, now there’s an app for that. 

While only a prototype at this point, this technology could be stateside within a year. To break it down for those scratching their heads (I was too, initially), parents wear a VR headset while their child dons a decorated Google Cardboard headset. From there, the parent then narrates the story.

Honest opinion? This sounds like even more work. By the time I get my rugrats to bed, I’m exhausted. My voice basically gives out as I alternated between reading them stories, singing through my discography of surefire church songs and yelling at them for their multiple attempts at leaving their beds.

Virtual reality bedtime stories? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I can see how this may be handy for traveling parents; however, a simple call would do IMO. What do you think? Is the future of storytelling a parenting plus or a bust?


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