Woman shares story of loss through a miscarriage tattoo

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Miscarriage can be a taboo topic that women hide on the inside as a solemn or contemplated remembrance; however, one woman recently decided to wear hers on the outside with permanent ink in honor of the baby lost and the experience.

Joan Bremer, who lost her baby seven week along in pregnancy, said the idea for a tattoo crossed her mind and was given the go ahead by her supportive husband.

“Even though it was devastating to us, I wanted to be able to remember it in some way, while still healing and moving on,” explained Bremer.

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The Bay Area couple searched for design ideas online until one spoke Bremer. “I liked how it was one solid line, which reminded me of an umbilical cord,” she said. “I also thought the two hearts could represent me and the baby that I lost.”

Although she was ready to share the miscarriage tattoo, she did so anonymously on Imgur…and was shocked by the response.

“I’ve had several people call me ‘brave’ for sharing this,” she shared. “But to be honest, I don’t feel brave — I just feel like a normal person who didn’t mind talking about this life experience. I hope that this will help other people heal in their own way.”

To read the interview, in full, with Huffington Post click here.

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