10 Back-to-School Tips for Parents

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Back-to-School is as an important a season to students as it is to their parents. The staples of this time of year include stress over new teachers, new places, new rules, and new supplies. To keep the stress down and the excitement up for school’s revival, here are ten Back-to-School tips for parents and students alike:

What’s on the Menu?

Embrace your children’s input on what they’ll be having for lunch on the first day of school. If you can, keep your kids involved in the preparation of their meals. By keeping them in the loop, you will help make them feel more comfortable and in control for the coming year.

Write It Down

To help keep your child “in-the-know”, try a family calendar put up in a family space, such as the living room or the kitchen. Keep all family engagements on this calendar, from soccer practice to beach days. By doing this, your child will feel more aware of the future and more in control of their surroundings.


Keep ‘Em Reading

Try to encourage your child to keep up their academic habits over the summer through one simple activity: reading. By keeping them reading, you will improve their vocabulary, boost their empathy, and refine their muscle memory without the downsides of having them stressed out by deadlines.

Make Your Child’s Wardrobe Work

Look through your child’s closet with them. Give away unwanted clothes to family, friends, or neighbors. You can even donate them to local charities. Have your child pick out an outfit they like to wear on the first day of school, something fun or snazzy. This way, your child will feel much more confident on the first day of school.

Set the Stage

The night before the first day of school ( or well before ), set up an area for your child’s backpack as well as anything else they’ll need. By doing this, you’ll overcome any morning confusion and keep your child’s first day efficient.

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Have a Chat

Have a discussion with your child about what to expect for the first day of school. You should go through their schedule, talk about their new teacher, etcetera. Use this as an opportunity to give your child a “pep talk” to get them excited for the new school year.

Reset the Clocks

A week or so before school begins, start pushing your child’s schedule back to “school mode”. It is best done subtly, hour by hour, so your child doesn’t suffer any negative effects. This will help your child’s transition back to school habits.

Stay Active

Organize activities for your child after school like soccer, clubs, and play dates. These keep them involved in other social spheres outside of school and get them excited for the upcoming days.

New Teacher? No Problem

Your child might be nervous about having a new teacher. To ease their worry, try getting to know their teacher through email or through a phone call, or at an orientation/open house. Familiarize the teacher with your child’s specific troubles or concerns: try and create a bond. You’ll be surprised how well this can help with your child’s apprehensiveness.

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Find Friends

Do a little digging into who will be in your child’s class. Recognize any family, friends, or neighbors? Try to set up a play date before the first day of school to help your child feel more comfortable with who they will see there.

At the end of it all, remember that it’s all about letting your child feel in control. These tips will help to make them feel more comfortable on their first day, making for a wonderful and fun school year.

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